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Below are some of the common questions that I am asked - take a moment to see if yours is answered here.

  • I would like advertise at
    Fill the form here and send me an email to make sure the ad campaign is activated.

  • I want a moped!
    Check Moped Classified and lookup local shops via Moped Dealers. If that doesn't help, post a Moped Wanted ad.

  • I see a bike I like in Mopeds for sale. How do I contact the seller ?
    Click on person's name in Contact column to send email to the seller.

  • I need parts for my moped.
    Try contacting Steve's Moped or Handy Bikes. If they don't have what you want, post Moped Parts Wanted ad.

  • My moped is broken - how do I fix it ?
    Pat Huxley has volunteered to help with technical questions - you can reach him via Pat's Technical Moped Forum
    You can also post your technical questions to Moped Forum or Moped Mailing List.

    For technical questions about Vespa Ciao/Si/Bravo/Sitta, contact Bert Kellner at
    You also reach Bert via Vespa Moped Forum.

    For Puch Maxi,Maxi-Luxe 78-80, you can post a question in Michael's Puch Forum

    For Vespa Grande and Solex, email Jim at

    Derrick at can assist with Batavus questions. His website is at

    James Mitchell has a forum at "I can answer technical questions, and moped laws. I know the most about Tomos mopeds, but I also know a lot about other mopeds too."

    Stephen Addeo provides help with Puch questions: "I know a lot about puch mopeds. In fact i am going to school for motorcyce repair and customizing, and I hope to own a moped customizing, detailing and repair shop. List me as the Puch Parts Guy, because I am. I will help anyone with any question they have on Puch's whather its their history or a technical problem."
    You can reach Stephen at

    Adam can answer Puch/Tomos questions: "I could help you out, I've had 5 puchs and 2 tomos mopeds and I know a lot about the parts, engine, troubleshooting, and laws since i had to go to court for some of them so far."
    Email Adam at

  • What are the moped laws in my state/country ?
    Check Moped Laws section. If your state is not listed, call your local License Bureau or Highway Patrol. If you find out something that's not on my site, drop me a note! (see email address below)

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  • Please remove my classified ad.
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