4 Dec 2011

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17 Jan 2010

From Spain to Norway on a moped, summer 2009

24 Jul 2008

Moped rider shot, raising funds for treatment.  Information | More Info | Donations

Thursday 12 Jun 2008

Sign a petition to provide better parking for mopeds

Saturday, 8 Oct 2006

Rhode Island motorcycle license law for mopeds/scooters defeated

Monday 1 Oct 2005

Rhode Island requires motorcycle licenses for moped riders:
Part1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (view in full screen mode)

Monday 01 Aug 2002

Free moped books

Monday 24 Jun 2002

Due to technical problems, the database changes made between April 23 and June 23 are lost.
If you have posted a classified ad, review, etc during this period, please re-submit it.

Wednesday 31 Jan 2001

Mopeds Open Your World

Favorite moped brand poll: Vote See results

Help Wanted       Folding Push Scooters       Flandria Moped

Tuesday 21 Nov 2000

New electric mini-scooter: Zoomer

Tuesday 14 Nov 2000

For those who have never ridden a moped... do you remember
what it was like cruise downhill on your bicycle ?
The freedom, the wind, the exhiliration ?
Well, riding a moped feels like that all the time!

5 Nov 2000 - You can now edit your existing
Moped Owners entries, as well as upload pictures.
Email me with any comments

Sunday 5 Nov 2000

Starting 1 Nov 2000, you can automatically upload pictures
when posting "For Sale" ads in Moped Classified
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Wednesday 1 Nov 2000

Starting 20 Oct 2000 Moped Messages is database-driven.
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Wednesday 25 Oct 2000

Picture: Mopeds in Saigon

Friday 20 Oct 2000

We now offer Free Online Auctions for mopeds, scooters and go-peds®!
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Sunday 3 Sep 2000

New bicycle motor - Zeta3         My review of Scooter-Pro

Tuesday 8 Aug 2000

If you want to exercise, get a bicycle
If you want to look cool, get a motorcycle
If you want to enjoy yourself, have wind in your hair, see the world around you, relax, find peace of mind and have more fun than you ever did, get a moped!

Sunday 30 Jul 2000

We've just reached 100 users in Moped Mail!
To celebrate, the next user who signs up can do it for free... wait, it's free anyway ;)

Featured link: Scooter Girls (thanks to Cap'n Tom Miller for finding it)

From archives - how I was shopping for my first moped in fall of 1996

Friday 30 Jun 2000

Our free Moped Mail service has been upgraded - you can now
have an address that looks like this: YourName@moped2.org

Tuesday 9 May 2000

Take a look at newly created section for Vespa Scooter

Thursday 27 Apr 2000

Scooter, moped, motorcycle - divisions are artificial

New bikes at Mr Moped: Akita scooter, Avanti Auto Power moped,
Powermax 2-stroke and Powermax 4-stroke

Wednesday 19 Apr 2000

Mixing different 2-cycle oil brands - safe or not?

Friday 14 Apr 2000

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Wednesday 12 Apr 2000

Why we are not Moped.com

Wednesday 5 Apr 2000

Featured link: Moped Mania

Sunday 4 Apr 2000

Mopeds for Sale section is working again!

Info from Andover Cycles - new scooters are coming to U.S.

The Info/Diagrams, Manufacturers, Importers, Clubs, Moped Domains, Books and Fan Pages are now in Moped Resources section.

Monday 20 Mar 2000

Featured link: Aprilia Scooter reviews

Thursday 10 Feb 2000

Featured link: ScooterMag

Monday 31 Jan 2000

My Citybug review
Positive E-bike review

Monday 31 Jan 2000

"Key West is really like its own country and normal laws do not apply here.
Everyone is laid back and not in a hurry. People ride bikes and mopeds everywhere."

(From the post in Moped Mailing List)

Friday 01/07/00

New service - Free Moped web-based Mail!

Wednesday 01/05/00

The Moped is not only a mode of transportation but a spiritual awakening. You become the road, you are one with the road.
Mopeds are so cool that it hurts.
Jake Van Order from Moped Army

Saturday 11/27/99

Somebody threatens to sue me

Saturday 11/06/99

"When riding, the Decepticons (Moped Army) are often not given respect from other motorists. People shout taunts from their cars and yell things such as 'get a real bike' or 'get off the road.' When these comments are made, they are taken very lightly because the Decepticons believe that their transportation experiences are much more pleasurable than those of other commuters..."
The Aesthetic Attunement of the Decepticon Moped Army

Friday 11/05/99

Action Alert!
"Mopeds are Dangerous" committee is trying to restrict our rights!

Thursday 10/07/99

New section: Moped Mailing List Archives

...it looked so lonley there on the grass. It definitely needed some love. I used to bom around on a Moto Graziella with my Dad as a kid. A wave of nostalgia hit me, and $25.00 Canadian later, I was peddaling my Honda home!!! I changed the spark plug, cleaned the carb and vrrrrm!! There's no feeling in the world like it!!! I love my ped so much it almost hurts!! Okay I am getting a little over dramatic, but you gotta try this to believe the feeling, and strees relief.

If there were legislation that made owning a moped mandatory, I am sure there would be a world peace, no road rage, and true ZEN world wide!

Sheldon Cwinn - new Honda moped owner

Tuesday 10/05/99

Moped Collection of A. Iman Santoso (Indonesia)

Mopeds & Cars

Saturday 10/02/99

Moped Army on parade!

Monday 09/27/99

I can't explain the feeling when I'm riding; it's like all the stresses and worries of the mundane world just slide away. I am just caught in the moment. Here. Now. It also brings back alot of childhood memories, and for just a little while I get to be 9 yrs. old again. Just me and my bike , rolling; free as the autumn breeze...
Rif Adams

Thursday 09/23/99

New Moped club - Solex Owners of America !

Thursday 09/02/99

The other day I was at the Borders bookstore and glanced at the "Complete book of motorcycles". There was a small chapter on mopeds there. I was pleased that mopeds finally get some recognition and went at that page to see what it says. I was surprised to find a biased and downright agressive blasting of mopeds. There were misleading reasons, such as "Mopeds have insufficient braking power". Huh ? Insufficient for what ? Surely, moped brakes are not strong enough to stop 1100cc motorcycle going 100mph, but they are quite enough for 49cc engine with top speed of 30mph. I am not sure where author of the book got his facts - perhaps from the motorcycle firms that don't have mopeds/scooters in their lineup (perhaps you've heard of one such company ? :)

Anyway, if you've never ridden a moped before, you simply don't know what you are missing. Like a bird that haven't yet grown wings and thinks that there's nothing special about flying - but once it learns to fly, it knows how much joy it is!

Mever mind the fashion. Forget what others say. You OWE it to yourself. Nobody's looking. Just give it one try - and your world will never be the same.

Mopeds are Forever!!!

Thursday 08/19/99

Newsflash! Kinetic moped is now available from Damark catalog!

More mopeds in U.S.A.

Monday 07/26/99

Why ride a moped ?

Tuesday 07/06/99

Moped IRC channel has been created - go to IRC server irc.dal.net and join #mopeds

Tuesday 06/01/99

When the weather is good and trip is short, driving a car is
like swimming in a pool wearing aqualung.

Saturday 05/22/99

Riding moped is the closest thing to flying
without actually leaving ground

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Tuesday 05/18/99

Missouri helmet law has been defeated!!!
Effective Aug 28, 1999, no helmet is required for
riding any motorcycle if you are over 21!
Tuesday 05/04/99
From Moped Owners: "We have a grandma moped riding group and are envied by many for the fun.We ride in a radius of 75 miles." :)
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