Moped Forum (Message Board)

New Moped Forum: created in July 2003

Original Moped Forum: created in January 1999

  1. What is it ?
    Moped Forum is an area for discussing mopeds/automatic scooters/power assisted bicycles.
  2. How does Moped Forum relate to Moped Mailing List ?
    They are both created by me (Andy) - MML was born in Summer of 97 and Moped Forum - in January of 99.
    They both have their advantages:
    • Established reader base.
    • Extremely high info-to-noise ratio.
    • Your question could be more likely to be seen, since it reaches subscriber's mailboxes.
    • Posts are archived, so they are accessible as far back as 1997.
      Moped Forum:
    • Threaded discussion
    • Posts go online instantly.
  3. Are there rules ?
    Yes, they remain the same as in Moped List - keep the posts relevant, no spam and minimum personal flaming.

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