Giant Twist Freedom DX Electric Bike review

Giant Twist Freedom DX Electric Bike review Tuesday 8 Jul 2008
I have purchased the Giant DX ebike yesterday at the Bike Center in St Louis.

Some first impressions:

  • The bike is heavy - even without the batteries, getting it upstairs into my apartment was quite a workout.

  • Dealer said that the battery can be recharged 1000 times, but the manual says it's 600 times. It's recommended that you only recharge once the battery is fully disharged, to make it last longer.

  • There are 2 batteries, they are easily detachable for recharging. Only one charger is included with the bike. One battery is used at any given time - a switch at the steering wheel determines which battery is used.

  • According to the manual, the range of 70 miles per charge varies based on the assist mode (30% Eco, 50% Normal or 70% Sport), terrain, wind and gear. Strangely, the manual suggests riding in middle gear to make the battery charge last longer.

  • When assist mode is on, the motor kicks in as soon as you push the pedals. The engine shuts off when you coast - it feels like freewheeling, although I was told that it also recharges the battery. The engine stops assisting when you go over 15mph.

  • Small hills with assist feel like flat terrain. Long steep hills require you to switch into low gear and pedal hard - although not quite as hard as you would have to on a regular bike.

  • There is no throttle - motor only assists you when you are pedalling.

I will post more once I try it for my regular commute (5 miles, moderate hills).

Wednesday 16 Jul 2008

  • I rode the Giant few more times. It scales small-to-medim hills with grace, little extra effort is required. A couple of times I had to drop into lower gear for a steeper hill. So far I have encountered one hill I couldn't climb - it was about 40 degree incline and I ran out of strength half way, while in 1st gear with maximum assist.
  • The bike handles quite well on a gravel bike path (Katy Trail).
Giant DX review from Popular Mechanics

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