Arizona Moped Laws

Arizona Moped Laws

Info from Arizona DMV site

What is the difference between a moped and a motor-driven cycle and what are the licensing requirements?

Moped – A bicycle –human-powered vehicle (with pedals)– with a 50 cc or less helper motor, 1.5 hp or less braking power and rated at maximum top speed of 25 mph (on a flat surface with less than a one per cent grade).

Any class of driver license can be used to operate a moped.

A moped must be registered, but a vehicle title is not issued. Emissions testing is not required. Vehicle liability insurance is required.

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Motor-driven Cycle – A motorcycle originally manufactured to exceed 20 mph, rated at 5 hp or less, and not more than three wheels in contact with the ground. Includes motor scooters rated at 5 hp or less.

A motorcycle license or endorsement is needed to operate any motor-driven cycle.

A motor-driven cycle must be both titled and registered. Emissions testing is not required. Vehicle liability insurance is required.

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For purposes of this response, the term 5 hp generally refers to a motor with 49 cc to 80 cc displacement.

Arizona - researched by

After almost a month of hassle with the state of arizona concerning licencing and registration of mopeds - here is what I found -

Mopeds are any bike with a helper motor of 50cc or less, 1.5 braking hp, and no speed faster than 25 mph. To lisence a moped you need only a bill of sale. A lot of mopeds were incorectly titled as motorcycles, so if you need to change the "title" over, have a class 1 inspection done to verify it is a moped, then take the paperwork to the DMV to have the title destroyed, and a registration issued.

Registration is $5.00 + $4.50 for tax. Registration for all mopeds expires on Oct 31 of every year. Insurance is required. To drive a moped you need only a valid drivers lisence (dunno about permits) and moped restriction do exist in some cases (if you are unable to drive a car - not for DUI).

Moped Dealers can NOT get dealer plates for their mopeds.

No titles shall be issued to mopeds.

Any new moped bought out of state shall have a 5% tax added to the registration fee (taken from the cost of the moped)

I think that about covers it.

Arizona - reported by Ryan Price

The laws are you must have a valid AZ drivers liscence. Second you need to register the moped, but you are not allowed to title them. Also some insurance is required as well. For driving them, they are treated as a combination bicycle/scooter. I was told to "use your best judgement." Hope this helps.

Ryan Price
Tucson Az.

Arizona - updated on 21 Oct 2005 by Owen Bensen

I just went to transfer the title of my 2003 Yamaha Vino Classic 49cc scooter, and the Arizona Motor Vehicle office here would not register or title it. They checked with someone in Tempe, and now apparently any scooter under 50cc is treated as a moped, where previously it had to have working pedals and be 1.5 bhp or less. No plates or proof of insurance are needed. We'll see what happens if I am ever stopped by a police officer.........

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