Arkansas Moped Laws

Arkansas Moped Laws

Moped definition

A motorized bicycle, or moped, must have human powered pedals, an automoatic transmission, a motor less than 50 cubic centimeters that does not propel the bike faster than 30mph. A moped should also be equipped with headlights with a capacity for 250 feet, a rear red reflector visible at 150 feet, a red light lamp visible at 250 feet at the rear, brakes, a horn, and a muffler.

"Motor-driven cycle" definition

This includes most mini-bikes and three wheelers. A motor-driven cycle is a vehicle that must have a motor displacement less than 250 cubic centimeters.

Licensing Information

To operate a moped, an individual is required to have a standard operator's license, but is not required to have a motorcylce license.

To operate a motor-driven cycle, there is no age limit, but operators older than 16 must possess a valid drivers license.

Registration Information

Mopeds with motors less than 50ccs and have an automatic transmission are exempt from registration fees. Mopeds with motors less than 50ccs which have a manual transmission have a $3.00 registration fee with a $2.50 validation fee. Motorcycles less than 250ccs have the same registration fees as mopeds with manual transmissions.

Moped Safety

Individuals are not required to wear helmet protection or eye protection while operating a moped.

It is illegal for a moped to carry more than one person unless it is properly equipped with a side car or seat with feet supports. However, no one under the age of 16 can carry another person as a passenger

Motor-Driven cycle Safety

Helmet and eye protection are required for their operation.

Operation in a State Park

For a motorcycle, moped, or minibike to be operated in a state park, they must be fully equipped and "licensed" to be used. Since mini bikes are not licensable in the State of Arkansas and will not be operated in state parks

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