Illinois Moped Laws

Illinois Moped Laws

I have called the DMV in illinois and talked to the Secretary of State office too and I know the following facts about moped in IL:

1) You must have a valid drivers licence
a) for a car if under 49cc's
b) for a small motorcycle if between 49 and 150 cc's
c) for a big motorcycle if above 150cc's
2) You must have a title for the moped
3) You must register the moped with the state
4) You most have plates on the moped
5) You must have insurance for the moped.


P.S. Here's some more info (found in Illinois driver's guide)

Motorized pedalcycles, often called mopeds, are low-speed, two-wheeled vehicles. They can be pedaled like a bicycle or driven like a motorcycle. Mopeds are intended for limited use on public roadways. Here are some of the responsibilities of moped drivers:

Moped drivers must have a valid driver's license.

  • LAWS: Moped drivers must obey all signs, signals and traffic laws. They also must obey most bicycle laws.

  • SPEED: A moped may not go over 30 miles per hour.

  • PASSENGERS: Moped drivers may carry a passenger only when the moped is made for two people. Equipment must include a passenger seat and a passenger footrest.

  • EQUIPMENT: If a moped is driven at night, it must have a headlight visible from at least 500 ft. A moped must also have a red reflector on the rear visible from at least 100 to 600 ft.

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