New Hampshire Moped Laws

New Hampshire Moped Laws

Moped Definition

"Moped" shall mean a motor-driven cycle whose speed attainable in one mile is 30 miles per hour or less which is equipped with a motor that produces 2 brake horse power or less; if an internal combustion engine is used, the piston displacement shall not exceed 50 cubic centimeters and the power-drive system shall not require the operator to shift gears.

Number Plates for Mopeds.

The department shall furnish without charge to each person whose moped is registered a number plate of a suitable design which design shall be different from the design of motorcycle number plates

Driving Mopeds

No person may drive a moped upon any way in this state unless he holds a current valid driver's license issued by any state, a special motorcycle license issued pursuant to RSA 263:31 or a special moped license. A person who holds a special moped license may drive any moped without holding any other class of driver's license.

Special Moped Licenses; Driving Mopeds.

The department shall cause to be issued a special license for persons without a driver's license or special motorcycle license for all applicants who successfully complete the requirements for a moped license. Applicants for such license shall be required to pass a written examination prepared by the director. No person shall drive a moped on a way of this state unless such person possesses a driver's license or special motorcycle license or is duly licensed to drive a moped by a special moped license issued under this section. No person shall knowingly authorize or allow the driving of a moped owned by him or in his charge on a way of this state by any person who does not hold a driver's license, a special motorcycle license or a special moped license.

Applicability to Mopeds.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the holder of a special moped license shall be subject to all of the provisions of this title relative to licenses to which motorcycle licensees are subject including, but not limited to, revocation and suspension provisions and offenses related to the possession or failure to possess a license or permit.

Competitive Bicycle or Moped Races.

No person shall conduct or participate in any competitive bicycle or moped race on any class I, class III, or class III-a highway or on the state-maintained part of any class II highway, unless such race is sponsored by a recognized bicycle or moped organization and the sponsor of such race has obtained, prior to such race, the written approval of the commissioner and of the police department of each city, town or place in which such race is to be held. In the case of a competitive bicycle or moped race on a class III-a highway, the sponsor of the race shall also obtain the approval of the executive director of the fish and game department. The commissioner and the executive director of the fish and game department may require insurance, police coverage or other regulations to insure the safety and protection of the public, and the permit may exempt competitors from such requirements of this chapter relative to rules of the road as are not inconsistent with public safety.

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