Ohio Moped Laws

Ohio Moped Laws

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To help make moped riding fun and safe, you, the operator, must know the following rules including:


wearing a protective helmet with the chin strap properly fastened if you are under 18;


driving a moped equipped with a rear view mirror;


operating the moped when practicable within three feet of the right edge of the roadway;


never carrying another person on the moped.

Many of the licensing and registration procedures required for automobiles and motorcycles are the same for mopeds.


To become licensed to operate a moped, 14 and 15-year-olds must pass the usual vision and written tests, as well as a road test. This rule also applies to persons not currently holding a valid operator's license, regardless of age.


Probationary motorized bicycle licenses are required for 14 and 15-year-old operators.


The probationary license can be revoked until the age of 16 if, EVEN ONE TIME, the operator violates state laws regulating moped operation or state or local traffic laws.


Operators are required to obtain and display a rear license plate.

REMEMBER: A moped operator must obey the same traffic laws that apply to operators of bicycles and motor vehicles. This includes obeying all traffic signs and signals, traveling in the same direction as the rest of the traffic, signaling turns, and yielding the right of way.


Just because something looks like a moped, that doesn't guarantee it is one in the eyes of the law. Only the Ohio Department of Public Safety can certify which vehicles meet state standards. You should not accept anyone else's statement that a vehicle is a moped.

The Ohio Revised Code defines a moped, or motorized bicycle, as any vehicle with two tandem wheels or one front and two rear wheels which is capable of being pedaled and is also equipped with a helper motor. The helper motor may not:


have a piston displacement of more than 50 cubic centimeters;


produce more than one brake horsepower; and


propel the vehicle at a maximum speed greater than 20 mph on a level surface.

If a vehicle exceeds any one of these criteria, it is legally a motorcycle. Be certain BEFORE you buy. Contact your local deputy registrar or the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Registration Section, P.O. Box 16520, Columbus, Ohio 43216-6520, (614) 752-7800 or 1-800-589-TAGS (8247), if you have questions. See reverse side for the list of vehicles that may legally be operated as "mopeds" in Ohio.



What kind of helmet should I wear?


As provided in Ohio Revised Code (R.C.) Section 4511.521 and Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4501.17, a motorcycle helmet meeting state and federal standards.


I have a two-seater moped. Is it legal to carry a passenger?


No. As provided in R.C. Section 4511.521, no person operating a moped can carry another person on the vehicle.


Do I always have to operate my moped so close to the curb?


As provided in R.C. Section 4511.521, you must stay within three feet of the right edge of the roadway unless it is not possible to ride there. So if you have to turn left, you may do so from a left-turn lane. And if you see an obstacle or road hazard up ahead, you are certainly permitted to steer around it. But use your rear view mirror to make sure you don't drive into the path of an oncoming car.


I already have a valid driver's license. Does this law affect me in any way?


Under R.C. Section 4511.521, if you are under 18, you must wear a helmet. Older drivers don't have to do anything special to operate a moped if they're already licensed, but wearing a helmet would be an extra safety measure.


In the case of manufacturers who market more than one model, only models listed below are approved by the State of Ohio. Only vehicles on this list may legally be operated as "mopeds" in Ohio.

AMF "Roadmaster"


Balboa (Sach's)

Baretta Model 49cc


Benelli "Blazar"

Bermuda 147F

Bermuda 147FA


Carabella "Motomatic" 49cc only

Cimatti "City-Bike"

Clinton 50-A

Columbia "Commuter"

Columbia "Imperial"

Columbia "Medallion 2271"

Columbia "Medallion 2281"

Columbia "Model 57062"

Columbia "Model 2251"

Columbia "Model 2241"

Columbia "Motrek"

Columbia "Western Flyer"

Com Ute

Concord "XKE"

Cosmo "Blazar I"

Cosmo "Blazar II"

Cosmo "Colt I"

Cosmo "Colt II"

Derbi "C-5 Diablo"

Derbi "Laguna Sport"

Derbi "RD-50"


Derbi "S/L/E"

Derbi "T/T"

Eagle "1"

Eagle "3"

F. Morini

Flandria 101

Flandria 102


Garelli "Basic"

Garelli "Rally SL"

Garelli "Rally Sport"

Garelli "Sport"

Garelli "Super Sport"

General 5-Star

General 5-Star (Ltd. Ed)

General 5-Star ST (Min. Eng.)

General 5-Star ST (Sach's Eng.)

Hercules "P-1"

Hercules "M-4"

Honda "Hobbit"

Honda PA 50

Indian AM 1-50

Intramotor "Blanco"

Intramotor "Pinto"

Intramotor "Scout"


J.C. Penney "Pinto"

J.C. Penney "Swinger"

Jagar Model EB-1Z4-BA

Jawa "Automatic 120"


Jawa "210"

Jawa "210 Sport"

Jawa "Supreme 2"

Jawa Transistor 40

Jawa "X20"

Jawa "X25"

KKM Interprises, Inc. "Mopet"

Kreidler MP-9 (Flory)

Kreidler MP-19

Lambretta Eagle

Lazer Sport 50


Majestic Auto LTD. "Ankur"

Majestic Auto LTD. "Pacer"

Majestic Auto LTD. "Panther"

Malagutti "Commuter 20"

Malanca "Roxi"

Malanca "Tiger"

Marina Mobilia "Motomarina"

Monto "Autopower"

Monto "Kobra"

Monto "Mont"

Monto "Super Sport"


Moto Guzzi "Robin"

Motron "Medalist"

Negrini "Gazelle"

Negrini "Harvard"

Negrini "MX Sport"




Prima (Sach's)

Puch "Astro Daimler"

Puch "Astro Daimler Two-Speed"

Puch "Beta"

Puch "Cobra"

Puch "Dart"

Puch Magnum "II"

Puch Magnum "Limited LTD"

Puch Magnum "MK II"

Puch Magnum "XK"

Puch "Maxi"

Puch "Maxi II"

Puch "Maxi GN"

Puch "Maxi Luxe"

Puch "Maxi N"

Puch "Maxi Plus"

Puch "Maxi S"

Puch "Maxi Sport"

Puch "Maxi Sport LS"

Puch "Maxi Sport LS 2-speed"

Puch "Mini Maxi"

Puch "Newport"

Puch "Newport II"

Puch "Newport L"

Puch "Nostalgia"

Puch"Sport I"

Puch "Sport MKII"

Sach "Carrier I"

Sach "Carrier II"


Sach "G-3"

Sach "G-4"

Sach "Minor"

Sach "Mopet"

Sach "Saxy"

Sears "Free Spirit Moped Nos. 80800,


Seville (Sach's)


Suburban (Sach's)

Sundancer (Sach's)

Tomos "A3SL"

Tomos "A-3 Bullet"

Tomos "A-3 Bullet TT"

Tomos "A-3 Golden Bullet"

Tomos "A-3 Golden Bullet TT-LX"

Tomos "Silver Bullet SL"

Trac "Blitz"

Trac "Clipper"

Trac "Eagle"

Trac "Hawk"

Trac "Olympic"

Trac "Sprint"

Vespa "Bravo"

Vespa "Ciao"


Vespa "Sl"

Wards Model 57008

Westlake (Sach's)

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