Puerto Rico Moped Laws

Puerto Rico Moped Laws

The following is a translation of the drivers manual for the commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Editorial comments are in ()'s

Motorcycles, Tricycles and Mopeds

Any person who drives a motorcycle or moped most have a valid drivers license (16 years for a drivers license). and must obey all transit laws the same way as an automobile operator. Any person that is riding a motorcycle (and moped, implied), must be seated on a regular seat and can not carry more than one person unless the motorcycle is designed to do so (yes, you can carry two people on your moped if it is designed to do so). All occupants must use a helmet and for additional protection and to provent an accident, the motorcycle driver must use googles or shield or have a windshield installed.

Motorcycles: Highway Permit

All motorcycles with an engine larger than 360 cc may require a highway permit to the DTOP (Department of Public Works and Transport). That person will be sugject to inspection and a test to ensure his or her proeficiency on a motorcycle. Without this permit you can not ride on a highway.

Some notes based on my experience.

Mopeds are considered motorcycles. There is no difference between a Harley and a Spree. The same rules apply. The only difference is that Mopeds can not ride on highways but only because they do not have an engine larger than 360cc which is the minimum required for a highway permit. If you get one in your moped, then you should be ok.. I guess.. Those 70cc conversion for Mopeds *are street legal* in Puerto Rico and there are no pedal requirements for mopeds. On the down side, all mopeds must be registered, titled, insured, have a license plate and they must be inspected. Riding between cars is permitted.

On the fun side, Cayey municipal police used to ride on Yamaha scooters for police patrol at center of town. They changed to larger motorcycles when budget permitted. Also some kids where I used to live used to deliver the newspaper on Hondas Sprees. I guess they got tired of hauling papers on their bicycles.


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