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Started in 1999 when one of four friends found a '82 Vespa Grande while looking at Golf clubs in a Thrift Store. He bought his bike for $150 and the Vespuds were born. Now a whopping 6 riders strong with 2 of them undesirable non-vespa machines but we are not here to judge others we are here to ride. And ride we did on the first offical ride of the new year 2000 with a 430 mile tour from O'side to Santa Barbara and back. A three day tour to prove anywhere is in reach on a moped if you have the time.

Always looking for fellow riders of Vespa mopeds or one of those other brands to join us on local and distance rides.

Oceanside, CA USA

Helkama AX-Finland

MC AX-Finland was started back in 1996 by two AX-bikers. Since than the club has growed into what it is today, one of Scandinavia's largest.

Jan Österlund

Grooved Pavement

Grooved Pavement originaly came together about 3 years ago. Since then, nearly all its 12 members have purchased mopeds. We go on group rides to various Wal-Marts. We also hold meetings every two months in which we discuss the moped society and have debates over mopeds and moped parts. If you live in the Hampstead, MD area and want to join grooved pavement, email me at

Puch & Tomos Club Nederland

This is the Dutch Puch and Tomos oldtimers club. Homepage is in dutch language, but contains loads of pic's of our activities, meeting schedual, and all club info.

We are NOT interested in Maxi or A3 models, and have no information about them ! What we do offer is membership and 4 full color clubmagazines a year, club meetings, cheap assurance and tech. help, for Puch and Tomos moped models produced between 1950-1980. When interested, mail to

The Dave Grohl Moped Club/a.k.a. The Hardly Davidsons

(DOWNTOWN Toronto) We have a spring and fall ride (early May & late August) through the coolest places to ride in the heart of Toronto. Everything is free and pictures go on the net. Many souped-up bikes too! Twelve members in 1999, more for 2000? email me.... Austin

De Mopedos

My name is Harald and I live in Norway. I love traveling moped. On my screen saver you can read " Moped is culture" I have traveled all over Scotland (8 days 1750 km) and all over Denmark on a 1970 mod Tempo Corvette 50 ccm. I started a moped club two years ago. Last meeting I counted 19 people. (in a village with 1500 people). All are adult men. We have a lot of fun.The big event every year is (translated) "virgin trip. The 1. may we start early in the morning and ride something like 180-200 km. The club has a nick name " Do Moped†s " The real name is very long and difficult to translate : Adult Mens Moped Union for recirulated Youth. Sorry about my bad gramma.

Thank you for a good page.

Oh- My biggest dream is to start in Montana/canadian border and drive to Mex. border on a moped, when I am 50, in 2001.

Jun 2000 update: Please visit our mopedsite. And please link us. We are a relativly active club, origin of Norway. Most of us drive veteran mopeds (older than 30 years), but we also drive brand new mopeds. Last summer 11 guys drove 710km on mopeds in denmark. Top speed 45km/hour. Lots of good pictures. Not so many pages in english text yet, but we are constantly working on it. More and more pages in english. We have had almost 10000 visitors the last 2.5 years. I am very proud...

Sep 2000 update: I participated in a moped race in Gillette, Wyoming this summer. In the nearest future there will come text and pictures in our homepage

Harald Karlsen
Rune Berberg

National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club

Founded in 1982 by 4 friends, the club now has a membership of 1,500. It caters for Mopeds, Autocycles and Cyclemotors that are 25 or more years old. Although based in the UK, the club has members world wide. See our home page at for full details of the club's activities and a link to an extensive archive of over 200 articles on all types of mopeds.

Andrew Pattle

Sports Moped Owners Club (smoc)

Our club covers the whole of the uk , we have lots of weekend runs at any place in the uk . we cater for sports peds built in the seventys kreidler fantic fsie etc and have many strange bikes like the fantic chopper. we provide a mag every two months and membership is £7 any ped fans around the world are welcome

Chris Alty

Backroad Express Riders

We officially organized in 1997 and we now have 57 members. The group rides every Tuesday during the summer months, riding the back roads of Southwest Wisconsin. The weekly rides average 100 miles or more. The club members ride exclusively 1982 and 1983 Urban Express Honda mopeds.

If interested in a membership, contact our e-mail address:
We are always interested in purchasing 1982 and 1983 Urban Express Honda mopeds.

Jim Husnik

Skinnarbo Hellmoppers

We are a small mopedclub from Sweden.
Visit our cool site.

Joel Eriksson
Skinnarbo, Sweden


Hi from Florida, We have been around for about 3 months, we have 4 members, and we all ride 50cc scooters. our page is wacky, just like us!

Robert Brammer

Mad Mallards

Live in Reading, PA. 30 of us ride on weekends. We call ourselves the Mad Mallards. We have all kinds of peds - Puch, Batavus, Hondas, Motobecane. We do all the work when we can find parts. Would luv to talk to other pedders. We have over 200 mopeds.

Added on 10/15/99:
Thanks for putting the Mad Mallards in the Page News. The club loved it. Here is a list of peds we ride. 1978 Puch Magnum MK 11, that's mine. 1978 Puch Sears Free Spirit,78 JC Penny Pinto, 2 Sachs Commuters, 5 1978 Puch Maxi MK11 Sports, 1 78 Tomos, 2 99 Tomos Classic, Targa, 2 Malagutis, 1 Benelli, 1 Kinetic, 2 Hondas, 2 Batavus, 1 Indian 4 stroke, 4 Motobecanes. That is just a few. If this info could be put in the page news with the other info already there that would be great. By the way my name is Paul Walker. THX.

Added on 11/5/99:
2 more rides to the list. 2 1978 honda express.1 orange,1 green.mallard would like to get a big ride together this summer for anyone who is interested and lives in the area that would like to ride in PA.we now have a couple of member prospects its not easy to be a mallard let alone a mad one more info later on this winter

Shogun Moped/Scooter Army

We ride in packs, chill with fellow moped ryderz, have drag/ride events. And pimp like Kid Rock on our mopeds.

Arlington, VA


The club is located in Valderoy (norway). We have started the club in November 98 and we have almost 40 members. We help each other fixing our bikes.Our leaders name is Leif Rosvoldaunet. Email Peder or Andreas Olsvik for more info.


Mopedm@sters homepage is
open. Here you can find
all about mopeds. Pictures,
information, and more, and more.

It'the biggest moped-club in Skane, Sweden!
Please wisit us!!

Have a good day!

Mattias Asp
Helsingborg, Sweden

Rocky Mountain Moped Club

Serving the Rocky Mountain Area(Serving Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, And Arizona)

The primary Goals of the Rocky Mountain Moped Club are:

  1. To act as a central source of information regarding Mopeds.
  2. To promote a better understanding on the part of of the public of the safety and utility of Mopeds.
  3. To promote a better understanding of Governmental regualtions affecting Mopeds and to encourage observance of such regulations.
  4. To act as a medium through which the moped industry may confer, consult, and cooperate with governmental and other agencies in dealing with matters affecting the industry.
  5. To provide information on performance and tuning for Mopeds in the Rocky Mountain Region regarding high Altitude and hilly applicaions.
  6. To promote the preservation and restoration of Classic Mopeds

Lance Chayet

Motobecane Club de France

Hello! the Motobecane Club de France is the only one club dedicated to Motobecane in France, created in january 97, there is today 160 members...

You can contact us at:
Motobecane Club de France,
Boite postale 10,
31470 Fontenilles, France

Thank you for your attention,
Jean Marc Bruyere

Franklin Riding Club

I have a `95 Red Tomos Targa Lx with a Turbo exhaust it will go 45-50. I am starting a Moped club in the Columbus,Ohio area. I am setting up a web site at it isn't up now but thats because I just started it.I would like it if you could put this info up on your site. Also my group will be holding a moped rally some time in July we are not sure yet but I will send you the details later.

The name of our Club is Franklin Riding Club we have only 8 members we mostly have tomos's but the list includes:

Tomos Targa lx (3)
Tomos Sprint TT (1)
Tomos Sprint (1)
Sachs G3 (1)
Sachs Seville (2)

Tim Casey

Decepticons - The Moped Army

I found my moped on the internet, and my friend and i drove 12 hours to pick up two Motobecane mopeds in good condition. Since i got my moped, i have helped to organize a moped gang called the decepticons. We have 15 members currently, and are looking for more members for the decepticon army. We are all of college age and ride mopeds of 50cc (except for scott who rides a vespa) drop me a line if you want more info. Moped fun is increased tenfold when you have someone to ride with.

Dan Webber (Kalamazoo, MI)

Tuesday 05/12/98

Decepticons now have a webpage!

Here's their mission statement:

"The decepticons were formed in the summer of 1997, the only reason we exist is to have fun, and perpetuate the love of the moped. when we are done we want to have many chapters around the world, it is about time the moped gained back the respect it once had. another function of our organization, is to provide protection against the animals out there that would steal your moped. to give back some justice to people who should have known better."

Dear Friend:

We have recently incorporated the SOLEX CLUB OF CANADA in Montreal, Quebec.
Our headquarters are at: Lazy Walker Bicycle Co., 5526 Sherbrooke W., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H4A-1W2. our e-mail address is: (daytime) or: (24 hours). Thanks for your great work for moped clubs and freaks!

Manfried Helmuth


We are a french vintage moped club : Le club Francais du cyclo-sport. This club was created in 1988 for the collectible moped enthusiasts. Now, we have about 250 members. We are interested in all moped marks e.g. Zundapp, Kreidler, Puch, Motobecane,Jawa, Tomos, Itom, Malaguti, Derbi...

We are looking for contacts with foreign vintage moped's clubs. Our purpose is to create a moped's network for exchange documents, tricks, spare parts, etc.

You can visit our Web site : and send me an E-mail at