Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 20:36:11
Subject: my mopeds (and future plans)
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i currently own one of the nicest condition 1978 puch maxi mopeds around
according to handy bikes here in columbus ohio. throughout the past months i
have boosted the performance to a respectable 34mph top speed. (and thats
even with decent power throughout the rpm band) this speed was achieved by
giving it more air due to the fact that the engine was choking. i also put a
sachs baffle in the exhaust because it is less restrictive than the puch
style. (the baffle was further modified by myself so it is louder and spits
out more gas at high rpm's) i also own the most modified moped around. my
1977 sachs p-1 is totally tricked out. due to the fact that this moped is
soooooooo modified i think ill have to explain it to u guys so u can picture
it.... (all modifications have been performed by myself) first of all i
totally took apart the whole thing, painted it custom style with a fade paint
job (blue and chamelion blue) the moped was then reassembled. during the time
the ped was in pieces i shortened the coil so the rear was lowered about 2
inches. the seating position was further lowered by using a blue banana seat.
then i put 15 inch chrome handelbars on it, complete with progrip handle
grips. the ped has chrome rims, sava racing tires and tuned brakes. it has
shark bite pedals and the exhaust has been painted white with a high temp
engine enamel. also the cylander has white accents and polished accents too.
it has a bigger carburator than stock and a cone air filter. theres more but
i cant think of it all now..... now for the future... im about to
purchase a 1977 puch newport thats in fair condition for 50 bucks off my
friends brother. its got normal problems for a garage kept ped. flat tires,
clogged carburator, and minor rust on shocks ,etc. none of which i cant fix
easily. my plans for it is to make the whole thing black (every little thing
including exhaust) im gonna put a bench seat on it for racing purposes and
convert the real to a firme suspension also for racing advantages. engine
mods will include a milled head for higher compression, bigger carb, and
stronger clutch spring. i will also widen the exhaust port and intake port.
then i will go for speed sprockets and i will modify the exhaust baffle with
a sachs model to give more flow. two holes will be drilled in the air box to
give more air flow. i will perform all of these mods also, if u have any
suggestions or comments then u can respond to the board or e-mail me
directly. i hope u enjoyed hearing about my collection (present and future)

Taylor Duncan,15
experienced moped mechanic

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