Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 20:36:37
Subject: MrSackFace woes
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well well well. i think we have a winner for the most immature loser on this
mail list.... and the winner is..... Mr SackFace i think we all have somewhat
enjoyed this troubled soul's antics but seriously one has to wonder what kind
of a nut job with 260 g's would spend all his time on a moped message board
bragging about his little rx-7 i thought this guy hates moped's anyway? if he
thinks they are gay why did he sign up for the mail list? reading his
comments somewhat offended me but then on the other hand i got more of a kick
out of it then i did take offense to. now here i find myself wasting my time
talking about this loser, but i think it is something i just needed to do.
people like him need to wake up and realize that going around talking about
how mopeds are gay and get a car and so on, makes them sound veeerrrry
immature. all of us moped riders know that there is a price to pay when
riding a moped and that is ridicule... it's a fact, it happens. but being
mature individuals we are able to pass this off as a mere joke. you see the
only people that go around at the ages of 16-20's are the sort of people who
remember riding mopeds and getting made fun of and they feel "well i have a
car now i can ridicule all i want" this is not the case. these individuals
know that they were just riding a moped a month ago when they first got their
car or so on. these people feel that making fun of mopeds puts them in the
adult class because "mopeds are just juvinile fun" but us TRUE mopeds
fanatics know that these people are insecure with themselves... you see,
although my character and maturity are way ahead of mr. sackface, am a 16
year old. i own three mopeds and i have a 1988 dodge daytona shelby z. it
seems that i am the cookie cutter image of the guy who is done with mopeds
and moved to bigger and better things, and now will make fun of mopeds
because i am "mature" but the fact of the matter is.... i AM mature. if i see
a 13 year old on a moped he just got i will congratulate him. or if i see a
65 year old man on a moped i will be happy to talk to him and hear of his
experiences. i would never put myself in the position that i think i am
better than any guy on a moped. but i do know one thing... i'm better this
guy who drives a rx-7.......

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