Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 15:04:32
Subject: Re: Hard Time
From: Mike _____
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listen, i dunno what is wrong with your friend's tomos, but it is definitely
a lemon. mine is a 2000, it's got almost 2000 km on it, not one problem yet,
ever. my friend has a 99 with more miles on his, same thing, not one problem
ever, so you really are judging a moped on 2 kids who probaly take them off
roading or some shit, right? don't lie either. at one point you prolly tried
to do a wheelie or holeshot or shotty on it, right? yea. MOPEDS AREN'T MEANT
TO GO 50. if you want to go 50 your just a wanna be dirtbike kid. mopeds are
transportation. that's it. and lemme guess, your friends prolly pinned it
right when they got it. you have to break them in for the first 500 km. it
says that if you read the manual, shitface, i mean, sackface. they measure
kilometers, not miles. so basically your friends abused their transportation
and killed the moped it self. oh yea, your oil problem is prolly from runnin
lawn mower shit in an injector. you hafta run injection oil, usually
synthetic is best for 2-stroke injectors. believe me buddy, if you actually
know what ur doin, tomos is a great moped.


>Subject: Re: Hard Time
>Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 20:33:43 -0700
> >if you have the slightest bit of knowledge you shouldnt have a new one, and
>paying 1350 is a joke the same. Tomos are the worst brand of moped ever.
>friend bought a new one in 98 and has gone through one enginie
>rebuild(piston, cylinder hone, rings, and main bearings), 3 clutches, and
>thing cant start when the temperature is below 50 degrees because of the
>backkick start, you cant turn the engine over long enough when the engine
>calls for it in cold temperatures. The gasket to the exhaust is not
>enough so he leaks oil and looses some compression ou the exhasut manifold.
>This bike has 2900 miles on it. My other friends tomos has only gone
>one clutch, but he has had an engine rebuild at 2100 miles...Stupid oil
>injection malfunctioned like always and he was probably running 500:1 gas
>oil, you should have seen his piston and cylinder, he had to get everything
>so he just got a 70 cc kit.
> Do a simple compression test and clean out the carbuerator on an old
>or motobecane and you got yourself a more reliable and faster bike than any
>tomos. only 1000 dollars cheaper. Spending 1350 wouldn't be bad if you
>allowed to ride a moped from the age of 12(so you get more than 2 years til
>your able to drive) and they ran for more than 2000 miles without having
>major problems that cost a lot of money if you don't know much yourself.
>My old 80 Motobecane.
>Stock- Biggest motobecane carb, ran close to 35 mph, the exhaust port is
>really small and so is the intake manifold, Ported it, customized biturbo
>pipe, sanded exhaust head down to higher compression ratio, and put a
>sprocket in the back that was several teeth smaller and I was doing 50 mph
>flat. Started in less than 5 seconds in 15 degree weather.
> >list.

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