Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 20:28:30
Subject: california mopeds
From: morris schneider
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>From: Charles Fregeau
>Subject: Re: This is California, we have no laws!!!

>I can say amen to that. I've been collecting moped plates for 20 years and
>yet to see a California Moped plate. I know they exist.

>Charles R
>Scott Corsaro wrote:

> Moped laws in California, Hmmm. Their kind of funny. Every time you go to
> the DMV to register a moped they don't know what to do. Some will tell
> register it as a motorcycle, but once in a blue moon you will find
> that knows the right way. As for cops, they don't know jack when it comes
> to mopeds. I have seen scooter (over 50cc) registered as moped. Ya can't
> blame em, it only cost $12US for life to register a moped! A scooter will
> cost you about 20 to 70 dollars a year. As for a hot rod moped. It is
> to get away with that hear. The cops are probably more happy that you are
> going faster, you not messing with the flow of traffic as much (California
> flow is 10 to 20mph over posted speed limit). The only bad side to
> California moped laws is that you need a full motorcycle license (easy to
> obtain) and insurance (Id say $100 year at most). When I first got in to
> mopeds I used to drive them around with no plate and no helmet, drove by
> many police and never had a problem. Back in the early 80's the laws were
> more laxed for mopeds and 50cc scooters.
> > Scott Corsaro
I've been having an ongoing discussion with California DMV in Sacramento and
they are really not sure what to do about mopeds. The law is confusing at
best. From what I understand, you're correct about the need for both a
license and insurance. I've heard lots of conflicting opinions from moped
owners, dealers etc. but that much seems clear.

I've also passed several police officers riding my Puch wearing a bicycle
helmet and they don't even notice me. I've recently bought a DOT helmet
which is required. At this point I think I'm legal, but wouldn't bet a lot
of money on it. There are moped plates - there's one on the back of my '79
Puch Magnum MK II.

Stay safe,


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