Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 20:50:13
Subject: Re: california mopeds
From: Rob
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From: "morris schneider"
To: Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2000 11:28 PM
Subject: california mopeds

> >From: Charles Fregeau
> >Subject: Re: This is California, we have no laws!!!
> > > >I can say amen to that. I've been collecting moped plates for 20 years
> have
> >yet to see a California Moped plate. I know they exist.
> > >Charles R
> >Scott Corsaro wrote:
> > > Moped laws in California, Hmmm. Their kind of funny. Every time you go
> > the DMV to register a moped they don't know what to do. Some will tell
> you
> > register it as a motorcycle, but once in a blue moon you will find
> somebody
> > that knows the right way. As for cops, they don't know jack when it
> > to mopeds. I have seen scooter (over 50cc) registered as moped. Ya
> > blame em, it only cost $12US for life to register a moped! A scooter
> > cost you about 20 to 70 dollars a year. As for a hot rod moped. It is
> easy
> > to get away with that hear. The cops are probably more happy that you
> > going faster, you not messing with the flow of traffic as much
> > flow is 10 to 20mph over posted speed limit). The only bad side to
> > California moped laws is that you need a full motorcycle license (easy
> > obtain) and insurance (Id say $100 year at most). When I first got in
> > mopeds I used to drive them around with no plate and no helmet, drove by
> > many police and never had a problem. Back in the early 80's the laws
> > more laxed for mopeds and 50cc scooters.
> > > > Scott Corsaro
> > > > I've been having an ongoing discussion with California DMV in Sacramento
> they are really not sure what to do about mopeds. The law is confusing at
> best. From what I understand, you're correct about the need for both a
> license and insurance. I've heard lots of conflicting opinions from moped
> owners, dealers etc. but that much seems clear.
> > I've also passed several police officers riding my Puch wearing a bicycle
> helmet and they don't even notice me. I've recently bought a DOT helmet
> which is required. At this point I think I'm legal, but wouldn't bet a
> of money on it. There are moped plates - there's one on the back of my
> Puch Magnum MK II.
> > Stay safe,
> > Morris
> >
> > list.
> >

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