Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 18:32:49
Subject: Re: effects of cold weather
From: Peter Staal
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----- Oorspronkelijk bericht -----
Verzonden: woensdag 26 januari 2000 6:25
Onderwerp: effects of cold weather


winter ...

> > Hello :) Does taking my 50cc Sundiro scooter out for short 10
> jaunts during cold weather cause harm? Cause Carbon build-up?

where ? in the cilinder? hardly w're talking over 1800 degrees far. that
little 100 degrees in external temperature difference is hardly noticeable.
In the exhaust same story, some slower warming up of the pipes tail. you can
controll it by putting some water drops on it, how warm it is from start to
finish. if after 10m in the end is still 'cold' some exhaust deposit may be
expected there. On the otherhand, when driving it hot , regularly, it
disapears again.

It was
> purchased in Sept. '99 and currently has 675 Kilometers. I am in
> and am wondering if the cold weather between 20 and 40 degrees Farenheit
> might cause damage to her.

only wory is the oil/gas mix. check if the oil you use is still good liquid
at these temps. it has a oil pump isn't it. and this thing functions less
when oil too thick. so adjust a little richer or use other oil with lower
SAE value.
is you drive in 'moist' gas (gas with a bit (condens)water) the carb could
freese up, this also happend when driving in fog etc when about freezing
point. when airflow in the carb is strong and jet is good the carb takes out
heat of the environment. this could cause it to drop below 0 degrees celsius
and all water parts clogg as ice on to the carb. untill the main jet hole
plugges or airflow is gone.

> She does seem to want to die at stop signs in the cool weather. Should I
> worried about the abilities of my Automatic Choke? I don't own a car and
> depend on the scooter for trips to the grocery, office etc......

if constantly adjust the idle screw. if only when starting / first 500m .
don't worry, this would also happen if you had a car (like mine :))

> > I hope this isn't a stupid question. I appreciate any and all responses.
> love my little scooter but admit that I am not a master of mechanics. If
> take her out when spring weather comes for a nice, day long ride, will
> help to de-carb her?

but in 10min steap hill up your ped will be glowing, 10 min downhill it is
undercooled at arivel,
after a day you can be sure it has been hot :)

btw most scooters have all new technics used to prevent carbon buid up. so
is the exhaust tilted , causing exhaust sludge to move to the front
(hottest) end of the pipe to evaporate there.

How much would it cost for the dealer to do it
> otherwise? I want to keep her in good shape, and I am afraid that perhaps
> these little 10 minute warm-ups may not be good for her.

as already noticed, it depends on the use..

> > Yours truly,
> Michael
> Bye, Peter Staal

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