Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 14:54:50
Subject: Re: My Cady farts and won't start!
From: Peter Staal
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Hi Dom,
since you are new in moped world, you need some tips.
let me tell you what I think that happened :
1:25 is darn rich !, and still you see no smoke? exhaust clogged or at
least almost clogged.. This resulted in an extra carbon build up in the
cylinder. and you reached the top with running idle for a few minutes.
the cold has severed the carbon build up.
To do: remove spark plug and clean it (or replace if money is no issue)
, remove cylinder head (the four nuts on top of the cylinder(yep the
thing with fins), it is not well sealed off at the moment (causes the
tar/oil on the fins) de-carbonize with stump tool (don't scratch the
contact surface ), and replace the gasket. put it back on (rebolt nuts
crosswise and don't over torque them) better too loose than too tight
this could damage the studs where you bolt them on. and you can always
give em an extra (1/2) turn if still leaky.20
take off the exhaust, and de-carbonize it (already reported on this
now your problems are over I guess..:).
better use a leaner mix 1:40 or 1:50 synthetic oil . this prevents
carbon buildup..and still greases enough
btw find some 'normal' bold to attach you mopeds body work, they are
so easy removable :). now you pet is open to more serious vandalism....
if they take out anything more, it stops running:(.

----- Oorspronkelijk bericht -----20
Van: Dom Tetreault20
Aan: 20
Verzonden: woensdag 12 april 2000 15:01
Onderwerp: My Cady farts and won't start!

Since I know very little about engines and everyone I know who does are
away right now, I might as well ask here for help. 3D)
Last night, with the temperature at about 0c and moderate snow falling,
I shut down and parked the Cady for a couple minutes while I ran into a
building. When I came back out, I was idling for about five minutes
while waiting for traffic to clear, it conked out. Odd, since it'd been
idling fine... When I tried to start it again, after I let go of the
compression lever it made a sad putt-putt-putt sound and didn't want to
get going. I tried several times last night on the way home and again
this morning before I had to leave for work and it just won't go.
Info that may help:20
When I was trying to start it going home, it backfired a few times. I
wasn't applying any choke.
There's some black gunk on the top horizontal fin-thing of the engine.
If that has anything at all to do with it, I'd say it's burning oil in
the engine and it's clogging up my fuel path. (But I dunno, since
engines are not my forte. 3DP) How do I clean that stuff out of there?
I'm using a 1:25 mix, that might be too much but I haven't seen smoke
out of the exhaust to indicate that. *shrug*
Someone stole one of the nuts that holds the right side panel in place,
so I had to take it off yesterday before I rode to work, and left some
innards exposed - is there anything in there that could be damaged by
20min of street riding and cause this?
Anyone have any tips, suggestions or otherwise useful facts as to
going on and how I can fix it? Thanks, I really need to get her back up
and running. 3D)
- dom

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