Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 06:47:31
Subject: Re: Resurrecting a California Puch Moped
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Recommendations for Larry West's 1978 Puch Newport Moped:
For the Puch Models imported for the USA market the Sport MK II which was a
step thru model as well as some of the early Newport's were oil injected. We
have sold over 400 of the oil injected step thrus in the 1980's. I have also
personally seen at least 800 of them in Puch's NJ warehouse about a year
before it closed. The Magnum Top tank oil injected model there were
thousands. Your oil injected Newport is rare but I think that the production
numbers were a bit higher. You may have a rare color.
In reference to your Puch Newport starting then stalling after 20 seconds try
the following....
When your Puch starts to stall put the choke on. If it starts to come back to
life then your Puch most likely has a fuel starvation problem. There are many
reasons your moped may stall but here is the most common one we have found to
be true in our 25+ years of Puch service. Carefully inspect the inside of the
fuel tank. Stick your finger inside the fuel tank as far as you can and rub
it around and try to feel for rust. Try to get inside it. It is very hard to
visually detect rust in a Puch step thru models fuel tank due to the round
metal sleeve in the opening of the fuel tank that extends 3" into the tank.
If the tank is rusty we have a complete 3 part cleaning and relining kit that
will permanently seal out rust as rust will always try to comeback. Do a
complete and thorough carburetor cleaning (soak it for at least 24 hours) and
order the carburetor rebuild kit from us. We also have Puch workshop /
repair manuals too. We can give you technical assistance when you call. The
jet in the bottom of the carburetors float bowl can be cleaned out as it is
made of brass. If it is really bad you can order a new one but you will
need the number of the jet which is stamped into the side of the jet as your
moped being over 22 years old probably had the jet changed or modified. We
have all Puch carburetor part in stock as well as anything you may need for
your moped. We are always glad to help.
Best regards:
Adam, Justin and Drew Parts
Steve's Moped & Bicycle World Inc.
40 Park Avenue Dumont NJ 07628
Main Mega Store: ph(201)384-7777 fAX(201)384-7831
Dumont Store Hours: Mon. and Fri. 10:30am-7pm Tues. & Thurs. Till 8pm
Wed. till 5pm Sat. 9:30 to 5pm E-MAIL MOPEDMOPED@AOL.COM
Smaller Satalite Store:
Also Steve's Moped World 2427 Bridge Ave. Point Plesant NJ 08742 (732)295-4200
Call Ponint Pleasant for hours. (closed mondays and open sundays)

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