Why moped is great

Why am I so crazy about mopeds ? Why do I ride them and read about them and even created a domain MOPED2.ORG ? Here's why.
  • I love the way it feels.
    There are some things in life that simply feel great. Taste of ice cream. Kissing. Flying in my dreams.
    Riding moped is just one more of those things.

  • The summer weather is perfect
    No matter how hot it is outside, when moped is in motion, I have the best possible air conditioning - the breeze.

  • Wind in my hair
    Thanks to the relaxed regulations, I enjoy the freedom that many motorcyclists are still fighting for - I don't have to wear a helmet. Safety aside, the sheer pleasure of wind in my hair makes the ride worth it.

  • I see the world.
    I get the panoramic view, as opposed to looking thru (often not too clean) car windows. I also go slower, so I have a chance to really look at the nature, before it's way behind me. And I can stop, wherever I like, if I want to take a closer look. (BTW, I have to admit, this last advantage is even more obvious on a bicycle - as long as I am not too tired of pedaling to care about surroundings).

  • Parking problems ? Come again ?
    When I drive a car to a movie theater or to a store, I spend some tense time looking for a parking spot - and when I find out there's none close by, I park far away from the entrance. Then I walk, muttering to myself "Why do handicapped people and policemen have all the advantages ?" :) On a moped, every lamppost is a perfect parking spot - and my bike takes so little space, it's in nobody's way.

  • Great gas mileage.
    I get kind of stingy when fueling my car - since I discovered that better gas doesn't actually improve my mileage, I use regular only. On a moped, full tank of Premium costs me $1.20, so I use it with no hesitation and it lasts for over 100 miles.

  • Attention.
    I'd lie if I said I don't like attention. In a car, I don't have a chance if getting any - the roads are covered with cars. Some are better, some worse, but they are remarkably similar. Besides, I am hidden behind doors and windows - even if somebody sees my car, they can't see me. Now, I have to admit, some attention I get is negative - there are people who like to make fun of moped. (You can read more about it here.) But most of the time I get friendly responses and often questions "Hey, where can I buy one ?".
  • Here's few words from alt.scooter FAQ - they are about scooters, but apply to mopeds as well!
    Many who operate two-wheeled vehicles call automobiles "cages", as they restrict the interaction with the surroundings to a degree unknown on a scooter. You can smell the air, feel the breeze, and pull over whenever the mood strikes you, wherever you like. It's also nice to be able to park right in front of the theater!

    Don't take my word for it. Try it for yourself. If you remember how to ride a bicycle, learning to ride a moped will take you only few minutes. And once you try it, you'll never be the same.