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Friday 17 Nov 2006

New way to motorize your bicycle: Motorized Replacement Bike Wheel from RevoPower.

Thursday 2 Nov 2006

Spike in moped thefts

Friday 20 Oct 2006

Small Mopeds, Big Questions

Wednesday 18 Oct 2006

Scwinn's New Line of Electric Bikes

Friday 25 Aug 2006

High gas prices propel a new 'moped madness'

09/14/00 Tomos USA is born

Tomos has recently announced their new exclusive US market distributor, a 100% Tomos owned company called Tomos USA. Sales network is based on current US dealers. Moped and spare parts prices will presumably be lowered and a wider selection of different moped models is expected. Tomos Products US is no longer responsible for the US market and their website, although still in operation, is henceforth meaningless. Tomos USA contact phone number is 001 201-894-0775.

This is not an official press release, it's an inside scoop.


06/30/00 - Solex news - from Tommie Matthews

01/02/00 - Motorized scooters (mini-scooters) are now street legal in California

(from Jim Clift)

"I was reading in the local paper about the new laws for 2000 here in California, and the most surprising one was SB 441.

This allows "motorized scooters" (as opposed to "motorscooters") the same rights on the road as a bicycle. You have to wear a bicycle helmet and be over 16 years of age, but they're now allowed everywhere a bicycle can go. Speed is limited to 15MPH max. No license or insurance required."

Relevant documents: California definitions of motorized scooter moped.

Here's full text of bill SB441

Update (28 Jan 2000):
"Got an e-mail today from a fellow who says he was "quite involved" in SB-441, the California law allowing Motorized scooters on the road. The points he made were that Go-Peds (Registered Trademark) may not be legal if they can't skid a wheel on dry pavement on braking, that they can be driven only in a 25mph zone or less unless on a Class 2 Bike Lane, and maximum speed is 15mph. They can also be operated at night with proper lighting equipment."
Jim Cliff

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