Moped Insurance

Moped Insurance

First thing to do when thinking about moped insurance is to check your local moped laws. If the insurance is required, there's not much choice in the matter. However, if it is optional, you have a decision to make.


  • If you insure your moped, you will most likely have to license it as well, so there's double expense.
  • Aside from money, it's an extra hassle.
  • If you are paranoid, consider that an owner of unregistered moped is like Zorro - nobody knows who he is. Once you have a license plate, your privacy is gone. If you like to take shortcuts or ride on bicycle paths, having a plate will make it easier for somebody to report you.
  • Riding a moped without license plate (or helmet), even if it's legal where you live, will bring the police attention to you. When I used to ride my Tomos, I'd get stopped once every few months. They've let me go every time, since I was in the clear, but the experience was stressful nonetheless.
  • If you get into a mdoerately serious accident, your moped is quite likely to be totaled. So, if your 'ped is worth more than couple of hundred, it's probably good idea to protect your investment.
  • Even more important is your personal safety. Moped offers the least protection among any two-wheelers (except perhaps bicycle), so if it comes into contact with a car, both you and your bike will not likely leave the scene unscathed. This is where the medical portion of insurance policy can be a lifesaver.

From my personal experience, I have ridden my Tomos for many years without any serious accident. However, when I upgraded to Vespa ET4 scooter, I got into a collision. Luckily, it was another driver's fault and all my bills were paid - but if it was mine or nobody's fault, I'd have spent thousands on doctors and thousands more to get a new bike (it was bent beyond repair).

So, assuming you want to insure your moped, where do you go?
My current bike is insured with Geico, same company that insures my car. (Yeah, their Gecko ads were hard to resist :)

I think that most firms that insure motorcycles, will insure a moped too, if it's licensed properly.

Here are a few insurance companies you can try:

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