New Mopeds

New Mopeds

30 Nov 2011 - Click here for updated list of new mopeds currently sold in USA.
This page shows info on mopeds sold in US. In 'Availability', I list the dealer who has the lowest price for that brand (to my best knowledge). If you know a shop which can beat the listed price, please let me know!

Name Picture Estimated Price Availability Extras
Kinetic Moped $595 Mini Moto ETC
(626) 812-0778
Kinetic reviews
Spare parts for Kinetic and Majestic
September 97 - Kinetic is advertised in Highways magazine
Cosmopolitan Motors (800-523-2522) imports this moped into US
About Kinetic | More info | Review
Negative Review (also criticism of Cosmo Motors)
Picture of Kinetic Magnum
Pacer  $729 Handy Bikes
(614) 299-0550

Jawa Jawa $750 Andover Cycles
The history of Jawa - great reading!
Pictures: 1 | 2 | 3
Jawa wiring diagrams:
With turn signals | Without signals
Jawa Page
Avanti Avanti $880 - $1080 Mini Trail Bikes Avanti reviews

A mid-range model can carry 2 persons

Korado Puch Korado (Corrado) $895 Steve's Moped
(201) 384-7777

Factory email:

Korado reviews

Praise for Korado
Technical data
Factory page
Korado ad
Price down from $995 - found better deal.
Where Korado moped comes from
Imported by American Jawa (516-938-3210)
Also sold by Andover Cycles

Babetta Babetta $899 Scooter & Moped World
(210) 733-1894
Review of original Jawa Babetta
"After the split of Czechoslowakia, Jawa moped production continued in Kolarovo (Slovakia), virtually unchanged, but they returned to the old name Babetta that is now offered in the US as a single speed bike only, optionally either with kick start or pedals start."
(comment by Paul Angyal)

Tomos Tomos $999 Burbank Kawasaki
Imported by Tomos Products (1-800-845-7007)
Factory address:
6000 KOPER
Tomos reviews

Tomos News | Tomos sales brochure
New Tomos TSR-50 scooter pics:
1 2
Tomos BT50 - like Targa LX++!
More about BT50
Read review

Derbi Derbi Cycle Imports
Derbi reviews

Derbi is returning to United States!!!
Some Derbi notes: 1 2 3
Derbi pictures

Solex Solex3800 $840-$1195
1-800-393-7101 (ask for Spencer)
Back in the U.S.A!
Solex now qualifies as regular bicycle in California
Solex page
And another one
Solex Club of Canada
Good words about new Solex
Solex Owners Club
Ankur Majestic Ankur   Handy Bikes
(614) 299-0550

Ankur is made by Hero Motors of India. Hero is looking to expand their American operations - see letter.
MBK MBK (Motobecane) MBK two-wheelers are not presently imported into States, to my best knowledge. I'd love to hear that I am wrong on this one. Fixing Motobecane
More MBK images can be found in Moped Gallery

$675 Baltic-American
(404) 325-9080
Current status of this company is unknown.
Here's some more mopeds made in the former Soviet Union
Prices quoted for new units on this website are offered for information purposes only. They are to be used as reference only and may not reflect actual selling prices in your area. Contact your local brand dealer for further information and selling prices.