Moped Owner Profiles

Moped Owner Profiles

Here, in Germany, the mopeds with 50 cc are not so popular (excepted scooters with 50 cc), here 125 cc mopeds are very popular, because since 1996 there is a law, that also 16-year old people can ride 125 cc mopeds. I also got one, a KAWASASKI KMX 125. But the power must be reduced on 80 km/h (around 50 miles?) for the 16 and 17 year old people. With 18 you can take out the reduce... Look at this page: ; there are shown my three mopeds and other, also two other 50 cc mopeds. Which fabrications of mopeds are popular in the USA? In Germany, the 125 cc mopeds often are APRILIA, HONDA, YAMAHA and SUZUKI. And in 50 cc mostly it´s SACHS (no scooters and sometimes other german fabricates like ZÜNDAPP. One man i know, he tuned his ZÜNDAPP ZD 20 up to more than 130 km/h (about 80 miles)!!!

Thomas Schickan

I own and ride my own moped, and I also rent mopeds on Marthas' Vineyard Island. I am currently looking for info RE: any moped association or manufacturers lobby. The dealers here are seeking support to battle a group of moped haters that are currently trying to pass a bill in the State House that would require special licensing to operate a moped in the state of Massachusetts. In spite of an extrodinary safe record for 25 years of renting, and thousands of satisfied customers that come here to ride mopeds and see the Island we are still singled out as merchants of "death" by an organization called the "MOPEDS ARE DANGEROUS" committee. Their real ojective is to ban or eliminate mopeds from the Vineyard as they seem to be unwilling to share the road. We are compiling data from a survey and any other valid info we can obtain, to try and shift the focus towards very real safety issues that exist here ... such as street conditions and road rage to the extent of mopeders being cut off and squeezed or bumped off the road. Please email me with any info or Questions you may have. Thanks!

Marthas' Vineyerd, Ma.

About a year ago a friend of my sisters gave me a 1980 Sachs Prima G3.This thing was a mess! As soon as I got it I tore it apart. It took me at least least 6 months just to get the parts I had cleaned up and together. But after almost 200 dollars later I've got a "custom" moped. It's Black with solid red flames on the tank. I got a speedometer and found out it's top speed is only 25mph. I'll have to do something about that! If anyone else has one of these things you can write me at:


Like your site!

Got a Crescent 2000, 1957 that I would like to show off to the people out there.

Built/customized it this winter. This style was popular in my neighborhood in the early 70:ies.

Sending you some pictures showing a/ my "new", b/ my "first", c/ how a Crescent 2000 looked originally and d/ how my "new" looked when I found it.

a/ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

b/ 1

c/ 1

d/ 1 2,

Sachs 2-speed engine, "lightly" tuned - 70 km/h top speed. Rear fender is the original front fender - reversed. Bates saddle with mounting hardwear in Reynolds 531 tubing. etc etc..

All work (including paint) made by me.


Johan Ericson Stockholm, Sweden

Two months ago I found 2 Honda mopeds (1978 PA50 Hobbit & 1982 70 Passport) in the California desert. Each has approx 1000mi. The Passport was stolen one week after buying it and was later recovered about 100 miles from my home in Seal Beach,Ca. The Passport was a real find not a scratch even the original plastic Honda license plates from the dealer, however after it was stolen they really thrashed it. I spent about $300. putting it back together. I had a Passport when I was 15 and never thought much about it and wished for a car instead of a bright yellow Honda 70 with a basket. Now I'm 27 and I love it and can't live without it. I live less than a mile from work and I routinely ride it to and from the office, everyone really gets a kick out watching me ride down the docks, I'm a yacht broker for Grand Banks, Eastbay, and Cabo Yachts. It's perfect for riding around the shipyard or down the long docks to each of our boats. I'm afraid they're making me lazy but they are so much fun. I will begin looking for the next moped to add to the collection soon. I was dissapointed the last visit to the Honda dealership in Long Beach they are so understaffed and unorganized I cant figure out how they've managed to make it this far. I am not as familiar with 2 strokes as I am with 4's can someone give me advice on why the PA50 leaks fuel out the (blow-by tube) after running it for about 5 min? By the way I am borrowing my girlfriends computer, I'm always amazed to find random information like this in seconds.

Ian McGhie

My Girlfriend bought a Puch moped in berkely california at first I didn't care much for them, then as I watched her have so much fun riding it and pimping it out I wanted to get me one, so I searched the classified attic, and finally found a Batavus for 50 dollars, it is haveing problems cause of sitting around, but hopefully we can fix it..but I did pimp it out..anyhow, me and my girlfriend want to make this a hobbie and perhaps start a Club in southern california (preferably orange county LA area)

finding mopeds pimping them out, riding like some biker gang looking real cheesey..but it is all for fun..I am actually serious when I say start a club..who wants to join us?

please e-mail me and if you want you can look at my web site which has nothing to do with mopeds..just pictures, art stupid personal stuff I am shareing

P.S. if you have a club in the so cal area and need some more mebers, or don't have a club in the so cal area and want a chapter in that area e-mail aswell


David Rickerd

Back around 1987 I found my first moped in the Recycler. It was a Puch Maxi sold by Sears as a Free Spirit. Others since then have been a Honda Hobbit, two Peugeot 103s one of which had only 400 miles which I now regret selling, and another Puch I couldn't find parts for at the time. My current runner ics the Vespa Grande purchased from a disabled Veterans Thrift Store as-is for $50.00 with title. About 100.00 later with a rebore ,new piston and incidentals, It's a fun ride to use around town. If you can't find a battery for one of these locally, J.C. Whitney has them in their Catalog for under 10.00! My Solex was a freeby from a fellow who bought a restored one and decided to part with this one for the price he got it for. The other Solex I had was a '58 according to the registration I still have for it. If you have one of these, check the engine number.

If it ends in "09" contact me with the other numbers and I'll send you the registration I inadvertantly kept when I sold this bike about 2 years ago. It's good to see the Net put to good use getting fans of all mopeds a place to exchange info. And to think /I considered them extinct.....

Jim Clift

My first moped was an old motobecane 50 EV.It was my sister's one. It looks like an enduro motorcycle, but it is smaller. Irepaired it 3 years ago, and now, it is very pretty, for her 19 yers old(as I have).

Three months after having it repaired,I bought (in a local newspaper) a marvellous red peugeot 103 RCX, with a polyester seat, an expansion exshaust (famous brand in france NINJA,) a 15 mm carb (brand dell'orto), carbone intake valves (brand adige), and an improved vario(the gear-box) which permits to exploit at best its power, and to be always faster than the boosters!!!;

It runs like on hell, a friend says: we've the ass on a missile!. Now, I always try to make it more reliable, because it dates back yo 1988, and at 90 km/h, the old parts don't like!

I have also an old YAMAHA RD 50, in restoration,and a big YAMAHA DTR 50, with a cylinder POLINI (wow!), a trail which climbs anywhere.

I really enjoy riding "mobs", as it is said in france, these are minutes of real pleasure, especially the RCX (a real bomb!):one day, I burst a scooter after the red signal. At the other red signal, he looked at me with enormous eyes, an asked "70?"(he believed i had a 70 cm3 cylinder), I answered "No, origin!!!",but I'm sure he never believed me.

One thing: Never forget your helmet!!!


About a year ago i had a dream that i owned a scooter and it was such a great dream that the next day I rang around all the bike shops looking for a scooter 50 - 125cc. I finally came across a 1964 Honda c100 'Supercub' not running, but complete (minus the legshield) for $180. I got it going, bought a legshield from USA over the internet, registered it and took to the street. i was pleasantly surprised at its performance for a 50cc engine. This was (still is) my first bike since 10 years ago when I had a bad accident on a GSX 450. I wanted a small bike to sort of "keep out of trouble" and have always liked the style of scooters and have always had good lick with Hondas. My first bike was a 1969 Honda CB175 twin (I also own one of these now, but the supercub is my daily ride). I traded the 175 for a Honda cb360 twin. When i moved to Adelaide, I bought a 1969 Honda cb100 single (a fantastic bike - it almost always carried myself, my girlfriend and our bull terrier). !

Finally i bought the ill-fated Suzuki GSX 450 which left me on crutches for 6 months and a walking cane for a year. I love riding my supercub because it is just so much damn fun! Its light, zippy and it feels great to ride (it gets a lot of attention too). I guess I've always had the most fun on little bikes. I ride my moped to work everyday and everywhere I go on my own and it costs me about $6 a month in petrol which is really cool.


It all started when I was at a friend's house in 1997 and he got out his 1987 tomos moped (not sure what model). We took turns riding and after that I was hooked. The second i got home i started looking for one for. I soon found out that my step brother had a Sachs moped in an old shed because it didn't run. When i offered to buy it from him he said I could just have it. When I got it to my garage I found the only problem: a stuck float in the caborator! I had it running in around 10 minutes. Ever since then I have been restoring it/tuning the performance. For the latest info. about it check out my site at

Brock Zurcher

I own a bicycle shop in Leavenworth Kansas. People began bringing in their Mopeds for me to fix. I didn't know how to fix them so people would just leave them with me. I found a guy who could fix them. He would buy them from me, fix them up then sell them back to me. I currently have three mopeds a 1980 Peugeot 103, a 1978 Piaggio Bravo (Vespa) and a 1981 Piaggio Si (Vespa). They are great.

I like Mopeds because they aren't heavily regulated like motorcycles are. Back in 1968 I use to own a 1958 Triumph 650 TR6 motorcycle. That was was first motorcycle.

The kids and I have had a lot of fun kicking around the neighborhood on the mopeds. I will put up a moped website soon. And I'm still looking for more mopeds to own.

Bart Kreutzer

I bought this moped about a year ago. I have been 15 old just for some weeks and so I haven't had much time to drive yet and roads are quite icy right now so I drive only 50-100km/week. My moped is Tunturi Tiger Aqua. It has Morini's GS.A engine what generates only 1.3 horsepowers because the original carburetor and exhaust pipe are much too small (mopeds can only have maximum speed of 45km/h in Finland). I have drilled carburetor so it goes some kilometers faster. When all this snow is gone away I'm going to put 16mm Dellorto's carburetor and Simonini's exhaust pipe. There is Bing's carburetor in old Tigers and Dellorto's in new models ('91-) with Dellorto's carburetor (SHA14.9) Tiger generates 1.8 horsepowers. Tiger is very good to drive because of many things. It has Paioli's good front fork and there's monoshock in rear. It has hydraulic disc brake (Grimeca) in front and mechanical drum brake in rear. I have Tunturi Maxi (197?) as a "project".

Turo Takanen

I have had many mopeds in time and still ride and share them with others. My kids rode them through school and one still rides with me. What I have now are Hero Majestic mopeds. For the money they are well worth it to have.

I also sell them, may I interest you in a great encounter with the always wanted MOPED.

Thanks C. T. Turley Venice Fl.

I currently own two Garelli Mopeds... I have a 1982 Rally Sport LS, baby blue and all orgional, I brought it from an 86 year old guy that had only wridden it 34 MILES! The bike doesnt have a scratch on it. I also have a 1979 Gran Sport LTD, It has the 17'' alluminum wheels and is black, its not as nice and the Blue one, there are a few things that need work, its a one speed, but it has a chrome muller that was factory and it seems to move a little quicker being than my two speed Rally Sport. If you are intrested in putting a little bit about it on your site I would appricate that, I have tried to look over the internet to find information and cant seem to.

Rob C.

I got this bike off of my friend in the summer of 1998. This bike was in very bad shape, (had engine problems) after 6 months of engine work, the bike runs like new. I still need to do a full body restoration on it but other than that, I love my moped! I rode it to the Canadian International Exhibition in Toronto in 1998 from Richmond Hill Ontario, about 14 miles 4 or 5 times that summer. I never went anywhere without it! I also am starting up a moped club called the Toronto Moped Club, if you are in North America and are interested in joining, please e-mail to receive information on joining!
I've found some nice ones stored in garages,etc My best findas far as low miles is my garelli with 270.I own several puchs and a Moto Becane.

I've loved and ridden all types of motorcycles since 1967.A good friend of mine does motorcycle/moped restorations and has done many showbikes.

Our mopeds are used regularly in the summer to run errands at our shore house.They're a lot of fun where the speed limit is 25mph and you can ride with traffic.We even use ours to go to the beach,and our 4 year old son loves to ride with his Dad on my Puch tank top.

Thanks-it's good to know there are other moped nuts out there.


I've always ridden bikes - first bicycles as a kid (Raleigh 3 speed) then went to Motorcycles as a college student and beyond (from small Honda 305 cc to several larger, finally Moto Guzzi touring bike with drive shaft. Rode it cross country, also all around eastern Canada, includind Newfoundland. I also raced in Enduros (Bultaco Matador, Husqvarna ,etc. Then when I moved back to the city from the suburbs, I found I wasn't riding the large Moto Guzzi much in the city. I finally sold it to someone who wanted to make along motorcycle tour. I switched back to bicycles (several) for getting around the city or for weekend rides. But last spring I thought about a moped. After some searching (they're not popular around here) I bought a new TOMOS SPRINT with the step thru frame. I LOVE IT! It has all the conveniences of a bicycle (easy parking anywhere, invisibility to the meter maids), none of the disadvantages of a a large motorcycle in the city( parking, storage, ! license plate and insurance) but most of all it's just a joy to ride around town. 25 or 30 mph on a moped without a windshield feels like 80 mph on a motorcycle! I feel like I'm flying. I used to fly a small plane, but it got a little crowded around this area, so I gave it up for now. I found riding my Guzzi was more fun.) Although some day I wouldn't mind trying one of those ultralight planes that skim the treetops at 35 mph. Would be fun in the country. Meanwhile I'm enjoying the heck out of my TOMOS.

Ron Gallagher

Bought new! in 1966 It is still my first bike. After 30 jears in the shed i restored it completely.

I like riding it, because after 33 jears it's still a very comfortable relyable machine and also cheap using it (no tax, less of fuel, low cost of assurance.)

After a long period Mopedriding is new discovered by many in this country, Roads are getting full of cars, not enough parkings, expensive fuel (about 1 Gallon for 4 USdollars) With a moped You can get everywhere, and park free on the sidewalk wherever You like.

You can see it on the best Kreidler homepage of the world from Maarten Hogervorst (MHO) chapter "restauration"

Have loved mopeds since the 70s when they first came out. I got my first, a used but new condition Motobecane Moby in 1996. Have had tons of mopeds and small motorcycles since then, but I am returning to my roots... MOPEDS. I will run a speed kit on my bike, tho. Moped riders still have a different perspective than those crotch rocket motorcyclists. We ride slower, by sheer nature, and enjoy the sights as we do. There is a slow grace that only a moped can provide, and I love the way the little buggers run! I am now 32 yrs old, and will ride till I am 100! Wish there were some cool guys in my area of NJ to ride with! If so, email me! We could get a group together.

Scott Edwards

The first Moped I had was a Cady aka made by the motobecane company for a store called Canaidain tire the second one was a another Cady.. then I got a Batavus HS-50 and now I am the proud yet confused owner of a 19?? Itom Moped ( yes it has peddles) I also have a 1985 Yamaha Riva Scooter with only 2400 km's on it both the moped and the scooter were going to be hung off the back of an R.V. and got very little use the Itom has only about 100 miles on it and is in the same condition as the Yamaha Riva they are in 9 to 9.5 condition.. have you ever heard of a person naming their daughter after your scooter?? (Riva) both of these vehicles were purchased off the internet and were as I call "Garage Queens" just laid in the cluttered garage..

Tony Ton

In 1971, I rode a friend's Vespa and loved it, don't know what ever happened to it. Anyway, I have had that little thing in the back of my mind all this time. Yesterday, to my immense pleasure and excitement, I bought a used Kasea, have never heard of it, but I just wanted a moped. I drove it last night and today and now I am in love all over again. I am in heaven I don't want to do anything else but ride!!! However, I know absolutely nothing about this and am discovering that there are others out there who, I am going to seek you out and pick your brains, because I think I am the only person in NH on the 'net with a moped!!! I noticed that some folks call the Kasea a scooter, not a moped...but it is listed and registered as a moped... What is the difference? I see a lot of reference to Tomos...never heard of this brand...I sure have a lot to learn!!!!

Leslie Evans

Well, I Thank This very site for my moped...About 2 and 1/2 Months ago I started Looking for a means of transportation being only 15 I was not of legal age to drive. So I thought Go-Peds, but the price tag on them knocked me off my feet! For the Material You got. I Mean, they were Good Little Scooters, But I needed something more, Thats when i decided to take a look at mopeds. I tried, and found nothing then just out of sheer curosity i tried It Worked! I got in and looked at For sale section :( There were none in my price range.. But I was persisent enough to keep trying one day I found an ad "Batavus Moped: Needs No Repair. Nice condition $150.00.. WOW I emailed the guy on the spot and after 2 - 3 weeks of talking and mailing I knew everything about the bike. I got a small loan from my Parents (actually a BIG loan) and I was ready for him to ship it. Well I had to wait another 1/2 a month because he was out on buisness.. My Desire was growing by the Second! Finally he got back.. He packaged up the Moped after having to take the seat,pedals,wheels,handle bars and motor off. He was ready he gave me the dimensions for the first box Hmm, sounds okay I Took them through UPS Rate Calculator and they worked. Then the big box (the one with the frame) came up: ERROR Legnth + Girth Over Size.. I was mortified... I couldnt move... I just sat their for a LONG moment with my mouth hanging open.. After that my brain clicked In Well to sum this short story up the moped was shiped via UPS (Small Box) and Viking Freight (Big Box) It finally arived and I assembled it.. I took it for My First Ride!! WHAT JOY!!! I could go where ever I wanted (so to speak) And Now Because of Your Site and the classifieds I am Riding My Moped Everywhere.. You truly have changed my Life.. And For That I am in great Thanks,


I was originally looking for a small mode of transportation when I stumbled upon the Bike Machine Page. My original intent was to fix up my hybrid bike and add a motor to it. I found Go-Peds, and pursued that angle for a while. One day, I clicked on the moped page, and there it was...the Puch Korado. I was hooked. The next few months were spent looking for info about this moped, and I finally took a trip to Steve's Moped and Bicycle World in Dumont, NJ. I test drove the Korado, and it was love at first ride. I did not buy it then and there, because I had to search my heart, my soul and my wallet. Two weeks later, satisfied the finances were available for such a purchase, I went back to Steve's and bought the moped. I have only had it for a day, and have only ridden it on our private road (I have to get it registered and insured), but I can tell that it is going to be a long and happy association that I have with this moped.

I drove it the 25 miles to my friend's house and then home again to see how long it would take, and how it would feel. There is a series of smooth back roads that takes me directly there, and it only took 40 minutes each way. It's a 1996 Puch Korado (I wrote you about it before) and this ride put me in love with it to stay. This is amazing stuff. Heads could tell people hadn't seen a moped in years. I'm hoping by riding it around enough I can spark some kind of comeback in this area (upstate NY).

Mark Rosengarten

I own a 1984 Honda C50 Moped I bought it from a bloke for œ10. He thought it didn't work and it was very dirty and a bit rusty. I pushed it home and after several tries it started, so I cleaned it up re-sprayed it and fitted a new exhaust and it now runs like a dream
Luvley Jubbley!

Sam Galloway

Velo-solexes, thats my interest: my name is Skip, I dwell in Sacramento, California. For several years in the 80's I had an adult trike with a solex motor, complete with original front fork, grafted to it. What fun, this headturner garnered smiles and looks of astonishment wherever I rode it, Alas, I sold it. I now desire to recreate it.

To those of you in other places who view California as the Paradise seen in Movies and on T.V. the economic, legal, and social conditions that now prevail are far from that!

A moped is treated as any other vehicle, you must have a drivers licence, proof of insurance, registration, (autos must pass ever more restrictive and expensive smog checks) I gotta tell ya, folks, it's become a real rat race, and don't leave home without your helmet, either.

Increasingly the lower income people of Calififornia have stood by the side of the road, watching their vehicle being towed away to impound.

There is, however, a tiny crack in the Vehicle Code, it is called a Motorized Bicycle. If you take a bicycle and add a motor, no registration is required , thus no insurance, no drivers licence. and ,glory be, no helmet, may the breeze be ever in your hair.

This brings us back to Velo-Solex: of all the bicycle motors I've seen, this one is the best, the magneto powers a 6 volt lighting system, the engine itself was refined over a production run of several million units. You'll want a later model, specify a 3800 model , for many years, solexes came in black, if you find one in blue, red, white, or yellow it's definitely a later model

If the laws where you live are amiable, enjoy your moped. For my purposes, however. I must remove the front fork, and re-attach it to a bicycle frame. Today's mountain bikes with 21 or more speeds, cantilevered brakes, and supension options seem ideal. If you'd like to try a trike please remember that 3 wheels are inherently unstable. Take it slowly on uneven ground, get your butt up off the seat and stand on the pedals when cornering, this transfers the center of gravity from the seat, from where you'll surely tip over, to the pedals, much lower. If you ride a trike, odds are high that you'll take a spill sooner or later, so wear protective clothing.

Having told you all this, I don't have such a machine at present, so if you know of a Velo-Solex for sale , please contact me @ or snailmail: Skip , 1316Los Robles, Sacramento, Ca, USA, 95838

Ride to Live, Live to Ride

Found your site after I bought a "BIKE MACHINE" by K&S at a yard sale on 3-15-98. I got it for $20. It was brand new, still in the box and had the original receipt from 1983 and the owners manual. It sat so long that the fuel hoses were rotten. I replaced them, put it on my wife's bike and it now works perfectly. We have only had it for two days but we have fallen in love with it.

Roger Bishop

I live in Sussex England and have just restored a red and cream colored Honda moped from 1969. It had been laying in a garage for 16 years but was in good condition ( Chrome only ). The carb was rebuilt and the points had seized up. I had to re-register it and it is road tax exempt in our Country. It was very underpowered so I have now sold it for 150.00 and I am looking for another moped.

The Moped needed the points rebuilt with a new spring and I must thank Gary Reeves who is an engineer and runs the Volks Electric Railway in Brighton Sussex, England with me, for all the hard work he put in to getting the bike running after laying undercover for 16 years or more.

The petrol tank had to be cleaned out and the carburetor needed to be rebuilt. The tappet bucket cups (6mm. dia.) were missing but I found them in the crankcase.

One cup was OK the other had been crushed under the cam. I could not find or buy another so I turned one out of an 8mm. Allen screw. Then hardened/ tempered it in a flame I stripped and rebuilt the clutch (Twice I to get it to release better. The whole job was great fun and only cost me the part for the clutch which I did not really need after all.

I am 41 years old and have had about 20 motorcycles.

My last bike was a Kawasaki LTD750 Custom which I found too big to keep upright.

Mopeds are cheap, fun and do not cost a lot to maintain.

Stuart Strong

I own a Puch Maxi (excellent shape beautiful blue color) Motobecane Mobylette (aqua blue two seater good acceleration and in good shape) Tomos A3sp Bullet (Also in good shape, but doesn't have spark at the moment) and a Amf Roadmaster ( restoring right now, but very hard to find parts for. Very fun to ride! Do you know any sources of parts for the roadmaster?)


Scott Chase

To make a long story short, I have four mopeds, two of them are from my brother which he had in the 1980's but he never rode them. One of them is A cimmati 50cc (great bike) with pedal start. The other is a lamberetta 200cc and boy, is it fast, it also has no muffler (loud as hell) with a four speed gear shifter on the column and a foot break. The others I purchased this past year (1997) one I bought down the street at a yard sale for $60.00 it is an 80cc yamaha scooter that is a three speed automatic which sits two people (very fast) and the other I bought about three weeks ago in the paper a suzuki fa50. I love this bike it is road legal it is black with a basket, signal lights, a horn - it has it all. Since I am only 14 and live in new york getting around town on a moped isn't that bad.


The Moped is original and mint. My girlfriend won it in a charity auction through the local public TV station in 1981, paying something like $600 for it. She just never got around to registering and using it. When we started to date, she showed it to me, and only 2 years ago did we put it on the road. I bought a new Kinetic TFR from Cosmopolitan Motors, the importer, in Hatfield, PA, not far from here. She actually prefers the Kinetic, without the crossbar, and I ride her Batavus.

Batavus sat in the garage in the original plastic wraps until 1995, when we decided to title and run it. The gas tank had corroded from the moisture and condensation cycles of 15 Pennsylvania winters. We needed to have the mechanic fill it with some nuts and bolts, and to shake it on a paintmixer, and then coat it with Kreem, a product for rusty motorcycle tanks. Now it runs great. Only has 75 original miles. The seat is long enough for two, but the engine really doesnt have the guts. We have the original owners manual, and it does suggest not running with a passenger during the first 500 mile breakin period.


I entered the world of mopeds from one of the kids that lived up the street from me. He had bought a moped, brand new for $850.00. It was a 1991 Tomos Golden Bullet that was very nice. He rode until he got a car, then after he got a car, he never rode it any more. So three years later I sold my go-kart for $300.00. I asked him with $300.00 in hand, "how much for the moped". He said I will think about it and told me to come back tomorrow. So I came back the next day and he said he thought about it then he told me $50.00!!! I gave him the money and ran, i was so happy. It needed work so I took it into a shop, called mopeds MPG@ and i told him to do everything. About a week later he called with the cost of it, $297.00 TO GET FIXED. So I took it and it has worked ever since.

Nathan Denne

I ride a 1996 Peugeot 103. Several of my USMC (= United States Marine Corps) buddies have Harleys, and were, indeed, aghast at the idea that I would buy a moped. I fought back by naming my green Peugeot "Piglet" from the Winnie-the-Pooh stories; I figured that if Harleys were called "hogs," then "Piglet" was appropriate for my Peugeot! My buddies roared!

I ride my moped for me, not for anyone else -- including my buddies. I love the sensation, as I sputter along the backroads here in Belgium, of hearing and feeling every part of my moped functioning as it brings me to my destination. I get a true appreciation of what an internal combustion engine is all about, and there's an odd sensation of pleasure in the magneto generating enough current for my head- and tail-lights. Of course all this exists in my truck, but there I am insulated from the process of propulsion and generation (I just stomp on the gas pedal and the truck moves.); with the moped I'm a part of it.

Everyone who rides a moped chooses to do so for a different reason: For the youngest among us, it may be the only motor vehicle to which they have access; for others it is a matter of cost and fuel economy and lack of licensing and insurance requirements, for others still it's the pleasure of the "minimalist" sputtering through the countryside. The attraction for me is a combination of the minimalist and the economist, but that's really irrelevant: What's important is that I ride a moped because I like to.

Now, are there those who will sneer? Of course! It's the same kind of person who, on his Cannondale bicyle, sneers at the fellow riding a Huffy. By the way: That Cannondale rider is being sneered at by the rider of the supercharged Tomos, who is being sneered at by the rider of the big Kawasaki, who is beeing sneered at by the driver of the Hyundai, who is being sneered at by the Cadillac driver, who....well, you get the idea!

Ride what you want because you want to. Let others do the same. If you want to think that, somehow, you are superior to me because you drive something that is more expensive -- well, I hope that gives you some pleasure! I get my pleasure from enjoying what I chose to have, not by trying to make myself seem superior to others by virtue of my posessions!


My name is Leon Begeman. My son Mike ( ) owns the moped, it's a '96 Tomos Targa LX. Ours is the world's toughest moped!

On the 12th and 13th of July, 1997 Mike rode it 1015 miles from Cut Bank, Montana to Saginaw, Minnesota in 24 hours. Average speed was about 42 mph, including stops. Top speed was 59.5 mph with a 20 mph tailwind and down a long hill in Montana. It used 9.7 gallons of fuel for an average of 104 mpg.

The bike was modified somewhat. The exhaust port was widened by 5 mm on each side, lowered by 5mm and raised by 4mm. It has a two piece Biturbo exhaust pipe which was shortened by about 4 cm. The front sprocket was increased from 26 to 30 teeth, the rear reduced from 22 to 19 teeth for a total increase in gearing of 34%. It has a 16mm Del Orto carb and an intake manifold made from the stock exhaust pipe. The piston and head were not modified, it has not been over-bored to provide additional displacement (yet).

We also have an '81 Tomos and a Peugeot from the 1960s.


... I live in Lake St. Louis, and recently bought a Kinetic here in St. Louis. I'd really appreciate being able to take some rides with other moped enthusiasts.

Eons ago, when I was young, I did a lot of motorcycle riding, but I have found I enjoy the slower pace of mopeds a lot more. It gives a guy a chance to see what he is passing that higher speeds don't allow. Since buying the Kinetic about two months ago, I've put 635 miles on it as of this morning. Mostly on the county roads around Lake St. Louis. I have ridden up to Quivre River State Park a few times.

Pat Dore

Since I'm using it (moped) for my own motoring pleasure right now, I'd like to find other moped enthusiasts. It's been a pleasant ride, and contrasts sharply to my former bikes, an 850 Norton Commando and a Kaw 400 triple (back in my college days.) I'd be interested in finding other adult moped riders to go on rides. Please respond by email.

Friday 06/27/97 ...hope site stirs up some interest. Today I had a great ride on the moped. I had to go to the post office annex about 5 miles away at rush hour, and it was bumper to bumper traffic. Riding the moped at 25 mph up the shoulder past 6 blocks of dead stop traffic was a pleasure. Why would anyone in their right mind want to sit in that traffic in a car???

John Agner (from NJ)

I have just recently finished my Sachs Suburban restoration and wanted to share some pix's with you guys. I found this piece of crap moped carcass in somebodys garbage and brought it back to life! Then engine was siezed up and the crank case was full of motor oil, it had flat rotten tires and someone had remove the spark plug about 10 years earlier and had not bother to replace it. I had to strap the engine down to the workbench and beat the head off with a 2 x 4 and a mallet. It was sandblasted and powder coated.
The first thing that I did to the sachs was to completely disassemble it right down to the individual frame components. I then sandblasted the frame in my sandblasting cabinet using a 70 grit aluminum oxide abrasive. Third step was to have a nicely applied yellow powder-coat paint job done at a local shop, cost was $200.00 and well worth it. I then reassembled the bike with new tires and inner tubes, chain along with a handmade brass brake accutator rod for the rear wheel. It came out just cherry! I am currently restoring a 1976 motobecane mobylette to cherry condition. It is going to get a bright green paint job and I may re-chrome the rims and front fender. If you do decided to restore your sachs be choosy about who does the sandblasting for you because they are not nearly as concerned about the out come as you are! :-). I took a bicycle frame in once and they almost erased the threads off the front forks and that why I do it myself now.

It (Sachs) runs like a champ and is just a blast to ride around now.

Mike Burch

I have a Garelli 50cc fully restored [cost a fortune] to do it which is a supersport and an original bike unrestored with riders manual. Would love to contact anybody out there there who is a Garelli owner. I also have in full race trim a Franco Marini 50 cc motorcycle developed for the race track probabily the only left in South Africa which was raced with a lot of success in Zimbabwe around the 1950s/60s. Anybody out there with any information would be great.

Mike Clark

Here in southern california, I found most of my moped either at swap meets or in the Recycler newspaper. Over the past 7 years I have bought and sold over 15 Mopeds. My daily rider is a 1980 Peugeot model TSM. My TSM is the best moped that I have ever had. I would not even think of selling it. All the others have come and gone and I still keep my favorite, the TSM. ...

I cant explain what my Peugeot TSM means to me. In my family of four, we have six cars. I started riding motorbikes back in 1956. My first one was a Monarch Super Twin. My next motorbike, in 1963 was a Suzuki 50cc. I stayed away from motorbikes while I was compleating my education and starting a family. The bug got me again when I was approaching 48 years of age. I started thinking of the things in my youth that made me happy. It was of course my motorbike. I communicated this desire to one of my former high school class mates, who lives in Oklahoma. He found a 1947 Whizzer there. So I mailed him the money to buy it and ship it to me in California. I restored that Whizzer and drove it for several years, until I found my 1980 Peugeot TSM. Prior to finding my TSM I bought and tried about 15 different Mopeds. The TSM was everything I wanted in a motorbike. It could stop, my Whizzer would do 45MPH but you could not stop it. With the variable ratio transmission on my TSM I could climb a hill, on my Whizzer I had to walk it up a hill. Parts were cheap and available for my TSM. On my whizzer everything was a $100.00 bill. But the best thing about my TSM is, you feel that you are ridding a motorcycle, even though it has a set of peddals. I thought I would try the big bikes, to see if I was missing anything. So I bought a Honda CB750. I drove it but didnt like it, so I sold it. Next I bought a Honda Shadow VT500. I liked it, but I could not part with my TSM. I thought that if I bought a larger Honda Shadow maybe I would like motorcycles better. So I bought a Honda Shadow VT1100. I still could not part with my little TSM. So, you guessed it, I will sell the Shadows and keep my TSM. Oh, buy the way the Whizzer is still sitting in a corner of my garage waiting and watching while I drive my TSM. Happy Trails



Recently I bought a '80 Peugeot 102 SP moped, I finally got it together. Now, I am looking for others who have mopeds who might be able to help me get this one in tip top shape.

David Ghere


I have one (Bike Machine) too. Bought it in about 1983 (I think). Bought it from COMB Liquidators who advertised it in Popular Mechanics or Popular Science. It was $88 + $12 shipping, grand total a whopping $100!!! I couldn't pass it up!!! I may still have the original operators manual - if you want I'll check and see if there's an address for K&S. I think I still have the original carton it was shipped in - with the advertising & features touted on the box. I was about 24 at the time and I think I was fulfilling a childhood dream - a motor on my bike!!! (I already had a full-size motorcycle at the time.)

It's cool. I have since moved it to my wife's bicycle. She's faster than me now!!! My nephew's ***love*** it too!!!

Regards, Marc Bibeault

I buy and sell whizzer motor bikes, parts, schwinn balloon parts, My shop (in my home,big garage) has 3 or 4 whizzers and lots of parts. I live in Hayward and anyone looking for parts can call me at 510-889-1933 My E-mail address is

Nick Cassaro

I have a 1978 Yankee Peddler Moped with a 50 cc motor by Minnarelli. Everytime I use the brakes the engine cuts out. I think the brake lights and starter wires are somehow affecting each other. Also, everytime one of the bulbs blows out, all of them blow because they are all on the same circuit, and can't handle the resulting power surge. The %#@*#! thing needs to be rewired so that everything is seperate and surge protected, and i'm looking for any/all advice, wiring diagrams, whatever you've got. Help!!


Hello.My name's philippe,i am a french student and i'm owner of a Peugeot 102 MSM,who's 13 years old.I bought it 2 years ago,and I'm satisfied because it has a good engine,whith good accelerations,and nervous when you drive slowly.The fuel consumption is very low(less than 2 liters/100 km) and it makes a few noise.

The engine has a good fiability,but the comfort is not very good,and the top speed is not very high(45km/h=30MPH) If you want further information,mail me!

Philippe Rodriguez

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