Moped Quotes
Most of these quotes are from the letters I received and from posts in Moped Mailing List.
>I love it how whenever i ride my moped someone laughs at me...I just laugh
>right back...

----It's because they are inadequate from the get go and by laughing at you, they feel like superman.....
"People laugh until they ride it."
You can't power too many goodies off of moped stator. Unless you want to throw a car alternator on it and sacrifice half you power. If you want luxury on two wheels you have to take a huge step to the I mean the Honda Gold Wing...CB, Radio and a whole lot of crap you really don't need on two wheels.
I caught the "fever" like you did, and started with a moped. Now I am frantically looking for another Honda for my wife!
P.S. A motorcycle salesman once told me what mopeds and fat women have in common, they're both fun to ride until your friends see you. That guy is the REASON I don't ride a motorcycle! :-)
(about Puch magnum)
Put a fairing on and maybe a set of leather saddle bags and you'll be saying"Life is hard but it's good".
A couple of months ago I bought a '79 PUCH Magnum, and now I'm hooked!
(The following messages are about the man who left "out of the office" autoresponder on, resulting in "I am out" message being posted to the list everyday. Name was changed to X to protect the innocent ;)

  • X, when you get back INTO the office, you owe that Heather a big fat kiss for taking all the nasty phonecalls from us who have nothing better to do than complain that we have to learn on a daily basis that you are OUT of the office.

    When you arrive IN the office, please tell us all what you do for a living, that we can all act with due respect and contact you before you are OUT of the office again.

    I am now going OUT of my living room, and will not be back IN the living room untl tomorrow evening. In case you need immediate assistance, please contact the sofa, as it is always IN the living room.

  • What if during his journey, X meets with an unfortunate accident? THE MESSAGES WILL BE FOREVER A MEMORIAL TO X!

  • Has it occured to anybody else that when Hand comes back, he'll get to read all the nice things we've been saying about him ?

    Do you think that X is one of those all-in-black evil dudes that can have people dissappear all becuase they made fun of him ? (like the x-files smoking dude).


    Anybody talked to heather, what type of assistance does she offer (wink wink). ?

  • I am reminded of the old Kingston trio song about Charlie on the Boston Subway (did he ever come back, no he never came back...).

    I have this vision of poor X riding his moped for eternity and never being able to get off to go back to the office and reset his e-mail. Any budding songwriters out there want to update a classic?

    David Eady

    Well it finally happened. After one month of riding my Honda Elite 50 scooter I finally got a cop to pull me over.

    Mopeds/scooters are rare in Missouri and almost no one (even the police) know the law.

    The poor kid was shaking as he got out his manual looking for the regulations, (I was able to quote the regs).

    After about a half an hour he apologized and I scooted off. It doesn't happen often but its fun to be in the right :)

    Mark Horina

    There is a bizarre schism in North America between moped people and scooter people. In Italy, any moped or scooter, no matter how cheap or extravagant, is referred to as a "motorino" (literally, a little motor).
    I love riding my shiny red moped. It looks so pretty and is in such great shape. Something about knowing about something so cool that hardly anybody knows about is great.
    ... when I call my brothers cell phone he will occasionally answer it when he it on his scooter, a lot of wind and yelling.
    The moped is "appropriate technology" or "right technology". It is probably the finest and most efficient technological solution to the job of moving a single human being at a reasonable speed.
    (answering the question "Can I make a remote controlled moped ?")
    1. Well, it'd have to be a trike...we fall over enough even when riding :)
    2. I don't think this will drive anywhere, it'll be stolen before the end of the street :-) at least here in holland .. better build a 50cc driven mobile bunker around it :-D

    "Isn't it a blast?!? Even at 46 I've still been known to fire one up on occasion and take her out for a spin. My favorite time of year is the fall though. Since I'm so close to New York City, I have friends over there who have scooters & what a blast ripping down the city streets I tell ya!"
    > 2. Though I've been driving cars for many years, I have never even tried
    > driving a moped. Any advice?
    Don't fall off.
    Howdy today I saw 2 other mopeds other than my own... all withing the space of 1 minute, very strange, normally I don't see any.

    this was in Toronto, Canada

    One was a Honda very old the other was (believe it or not) moving to fast to see...

    "I live in New Philadelphia, ohio. I really want a moped because all of my friends have them."
    'She decided to move "up" to a motorcycle'.
    "I got the Garelli running yesterday. First time I ever rode a moped, or a motorized two wheeled vehicle of any kind. I was the best feeling in the world."
    "We probably have the part you need - you know, that part that keeps your moped in the garage - the one you can't find anywhere. Or the one that uglifies your ped so much you're embarrassed to drive it. Or the one that you though would cost $50 - but you can only find it for $100. Maybe it's the part that keeps you pedaling you moped instead of driving it?"
    "I have done bicycle touring and I avoid campgrounds like the plague. I like to just find a nice high spot. I got stealth-camping down to a science. Screw restrictions - open the land to the people."
    "However - my kids aren't legally allowed to ride mopeds even though they're basically the same as a bicycle in most people's eyes - except legislators'. The lawmakers seem to think that since it has an engine, it's inherently dangerous, and you have to be 'trained' to ride it, even though I think you can get in more trouble with a bicycle than you can with a 'ped.
    I was in Italy in the Navy, and spent a week in a hotel across from a high school. This place SWARMED with scooters and mopeds and I didn't see any dangerous activities going on."
    "Hi. I am a 66 year old kid playing with mopeds."
    "I found that you were supposed to pull this lever, releasing compression, then pedal like an idiot until things started spinning, then release the lever."
    "I get lots of laughs from people in their $30,000 cars as well. Yeah, they think I'm crazy for driving my moped! ...
    Also I find that "adults" in general deeply resent anyone who is having fun. Your moped is clearly more fun than their $30,000 metallic and glass bubbles."
    "I don't do 40 mph when I'm on the extreme right-that would be plain stupid....ooops here comes another mailbox!!!"
    "Be comfortable in who you are, and recognize those that spend their time mocking you are uncomfortable with themselves, not with you."
    "Yes I believe the moped or scooter is the perfect touring vehicle. Believe me that the fully loaded bicycle is not the way to go. On my bicycle tours i have found myself avoiding high elevation roads - especially if i have to come right back down the other side again. But the higher elevations are where i want to go - that's where the views and the best campsites with the least mosquitos are. And you avoid the flatlanders there. The moped/scooter has the "small is beautiful" aspect of a bicycle but allows choosing the maximum elevation roads available in a given area."
    "I honestly don't see the big distinction between mopeds and scooters. both are SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL two wheel vehicles that could save the earth if people would really look at them...
    The new scoots in europe incorporate the best of both mopeds and scoots - big moped wheels, step thru scoot design. Thats the wave of the future."
    " I agree those enduros and really most motorcycles are examples of technology gone haywire. Development for the sake of the machine and not for the person riding it. The beauty of the moped/scooter is that its the right tool for the job - it's just enough to move you and some light cargo at a reasonable speed. I was a bicycle fanatic for a long time. But i will be the first to admit that that is just too slow in today's time-crunched society to be used for real transportation. Unless u live in a cute college town or something."
    "About parking yes you can just about park it anywhere. I usually lock mine to no parking signs on sidewalks. But use some common sense - dont ride the ped ride up onto the sidewalk. Stop first, turn it off and push it up to the sign. And just pick parking places that are not in anybody's way and you should not have any problems."