Moped Dealers in Saint Louis

  • Extreme Toy Store

    (defunct as of 30 Nov 2011)
  • World Cycle

    (defunct as of 30 Nov 2011)

    The only shop that actually mentions 'mopeds' in the Yellow Pages. When I first called them and asked about service, they said "We have parts for many bikes and if we don't, we'll find similar parts, weld things together - we'll fix it".

    They used to sell Jawa and Tomos. Today, occasionally they have Puch - I got a test ride on it last summer. 1/3 of the bike's price is required as temporary deposit when you get a test ride.

    The store is open long hours on Saturday.

    Wednesday 03/25/98 Kinetic moped is now available from World Cycle for $795.

  • Midwest Kawasaki

    (no longer sells mopeds as of 30 Nov 2011)

    The moped they sell is Tomos, though I only found that out when I was looking at used moped on garage sale - lady told me that it was bought from this shop.

    No test rides here - "there is no gas in the tank".

    However, people are friendly and technicians are proficient.

  • Wiedman's Harley Davidson

    (defunct as of 30 Nov 2011)

    Surrounded by big bad bikes, little Tomos Sprint stands in the corner, waiting for its new rider. There is few good looking Tomos posters on the wall - they even let me take one home.

    This is the place where I got my Tomos test ride - wonderful memories. In fact, I loved it so much that I was almost willing to buy it right then and if the salesman has been a little more persistent, he'd get me. As is, I bought Tomos Targa from Midwest Kawasaki instead.

  • B&J Truck Sales

    New one for me. Last night I bought a Trading Times magazine and saw them advertise 'new mopeds for $750'. I called there and found out what it was. The moped is Kinetic - cheapest bike on the block. I asked if this was a temporary offer, but they said "No, we buy these mopeds wholesale and sell them".

    So, seems like they are here to stay - and I am spreading the word. No charge :)

    Oh, yes, I also want to mention that person on the phone was very helpful. Majority of moped dealers I spoke to are. There was one who wasn't - he practically hung up on me. I was so mad, I removed his name from Moped Dealers (to think of it, this kind of freedom is a good thing about being non-profit :) Now anger dissipated and I even thought of putting the entry back, but I don't remember, who it was ;)

    Now, back to to B&J. I was there for a test ride - and i must say they have the most imformal atmosphere - they didn't make me fill any forms and didn't ask for deposit. So, I rode Kinetic Moped all over the place and here is my opinion of it.

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