Moped Stores

Moped Stores

TwoWheeled Traveler

To whom it may concern,

I own a Moped rental shop on Martha's Vineyard and would like to be included on your web page. If this is possible could you please include the following information.

We rent Tomos TSR-50 scooters and Derbi mopeds (older vintage approx 10 years old). Prices are negotiable and range from $25 - $35 for singles and doubles in early summer to $65-75 on busy weekends (holidays).

TwoWheeled Traveler
Martha's Vineyard
Circuit Ave Extension
Oak Bluffs, MA 02557
(508) 696-9147

Thank you in advance.

Mike Badorini, System Engineering Dept.
(802) 258-5526
Fax (802) 258-5565

Toprun Electric Bicycle Co.,Ltd

"Hi! Andy, I've read your story about the electric bicycle and the information collection of the manufacturers, which is more detail. May be you lost the best electric bicycle manufacturer "Toprun Electric Bicycle Co.,Ltd"--our company. Sorry, It's only my personal view or goal, but will be in the future. We are a professional electric bicycle developer and manufacturer in China. Five years ago, we developed a new kind of bicycle motor, which is completely sealed,brush-less and magnetic driven, highly efficient, low noise, low temperature, long life and maintenance free. We named it brush-less electric hub. It has been proved to be highly reliable after 30,000 kilometers simulation test. A speed regulator adopts PWM technology that is developed specially for the electric hub. It provides the electric hub with unlimited variable speed and very smooth drive even at very low speed. Presently, besides we produce mentioned above products, and also produce professional testing instruments or equipments for electric bicycles, such as Electric hub comprehensive testing unit and Comprehensive power bicyle testing unit,etc. If you consider to add our information to your collection or introduce our products to potential dealers or bicyclist we will be thank you very much, more detail specifications or questions is possible to E-mail"

Red Star Motors

Red Star Motors is currently selling Modcycle scooters and ETON scooters.
Randall Royer

Red Star Motors & Military Surplus Inc.
4015 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY 40218

Action Wheelsport


We are one of the largest moped dealers in the US. We have sold virtually all brands since 1979. Tomos is our main line at present and we carry Kinetic as well. If we can ever be of service for parts or information , please call or e-mail.

Bill Lynch

Action Wheelsport
5310 66th Street No.
St. Petersburg, FL 33709

5 Flags Motorized Bicycles


$895 - whole bicycle.
Hub motor - 30cc.
Rear drum brake.
Gas tank is one liter.
Made in Taiwan.
Using Sachs technology.
Front suspension.
Battery operated headlight (2c batteries).
Full fenders.
Rear package rack (this is where fuel tank is).
66 pounds well.
Pedals like regular bicycle.
When motor is killed, there is no drag.
Good in bad weather.
Twist grip throttle.
Recoil to start.
In the future - electric start.
May release another motor that's faster.

Z300 - moped appearance. Forrest green and red. (pedals well too).
Z210 - ladies frame reg bicycle. Teal green, red.
Z215 - mens model. Gold(titanium) and black.

Columbus Motorsports

My name is Steve Tietjen

. I am the owner of Columbus Motorsports. We are the second largest moped dealer in Ohio. I would like to give you some updated information on us, so that you could possibly change it in your info boxes.

Our new address is:
5715 Avery Rd.
Dublin, OH 43016
This is located 1 mile south of 161/33.

Our new phone number is: 614-761-1111

We carry a full line of Tomos mopeds. Our prices are as follows:

94 Tomos Sprint $749, 96/97 Sprint $899, 95 Targa $999, 96 Targa
$1099, 95 Targa Lx $1199, 96/97 Targa Lx $1299, 97 TX50 $999

We are also the largest Go-Kart dealer in Central Oh. Other products we carry include scooters, dirtbikes, ATV's, Etc.

If you would like to contact us directly, please feel free to do so. You may also talk to Brian, our shop manager, besides myself.


Ecomotor 3000

Please be informed that our company is planning to introduce a 46 cc bicycle engine located just above pedal cranks and driving rear wheel by chain. Anybody may be interested in our activities?

Ecomotor 3000
5296 Lawrence Avenue East
West Hill, Ontario, M1C 1R4
Tel/Fax: (416) 283-2331
Attn: Voytek Okulicz

Andover Cycles, Ltd.

Wednesday 05/13/98

We have been experiencing a resurgence of interest in Mopeds here in Denver. We have tripled out inventory of new Mopeds in anticipation of the new season. Calls have been coming from all over the country for our High Performance Moped parts. The most interest have been in our 70cc High Performance kits which we discount for Internet customers (Especially when they come from your webpage!) The Internet price is $339.00 down frm $399.95 Retail.

Andover Cycles Limited and its principal Lance Chayet have over 20 years experience buying and selling Mopeds.

Based on our experience and track record we can provide written appraisals or valuations for most any moped. We are happy to provide verbal estimates of value based on a market buy and sell values for free as a service to the general public. All written valuations and appraisals are fee based.

Please call on us for written valuation and appraisal pricing and for your free verbal estimate of value.

Andover Cycles, Ltd. is Denver, Colorado's Authorized Puch & Jawa Dealer. (We are one of the very few moped sources in a 5 State MidWestern Region.)

We are a discount source of new Puch, Korado (Corrado), and Jawa Mopeds & Nopeds. we have ready availability of all Puch and Jawa Parts.

We also buy and sell used mopeds and welcome all inquires to buy sell or trade used mopeds.

Andover Cycles, Ltd. in Denver, Colorado offers Service and Out of Area Sales (We Ship Anywhere!) of New and Used Mopeds through its exclusive Service Facility at Autoworks Colorado located in the Central Southwest Denver Area. (Visa, MasterCard, and cash or cash equivalents are accepted!)

Andover Cycles is a Moped Parts Source! We have availability of parts for over 30 Different Moped Brands! Our parts are primarily new factory or aftermarket! We also are a source for used moped parts when new parts are no longer available.

We offer:

Accessories - Baskets, Covers, Cargo Nets, Fairings, Helmuts, and other
Bearings and Seals
Bulbs and Sealed Beams - Headlights, Brake lights, Turning Signals
Cables - Front & Rear Brake, Throttle, Starter
Carbruetors - Amal, Bing, Delorto, + Parts
Chains and Adjusters
Controls, Grips, Parts, Levors
Electrical Parts - Switchs, Lights, Horns, Flasher
Exhausts - Standard & High Performance
Fuel Valves, Lines, Filters
Gaskets: Standard & High Performance
Lights & Lens
Pistons and Rings
Pedals and Pedal Arms
Performance Parts - 55cc, 60cc, 70cc Speed Kits, Biturbo Exhausts, Amal Carbs
Screws, Bolts, Washers
Spark Plugs and Caps
Sprokets - Standard and High Performance
Switches and Electrical Parts
Tires and Tubes

All orders are prepaid and nonreturnable. We are happy to mail order anywhere!

Please call on us for details!

Phone: 303-689-9000
Fax : 303-689-9009
Pager : 303-760-9900

EMB Incorporated

Our company will start sales of the LECTRA electric motorbike in the Spring of 1997 through select motorcycle dealers in California. By early summer we should have added dealers in Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii. Base retail price is $2,995.

For additional details, please call or email.

Monday 07/21/97 EMB will release ita first Lectra electric motorcycles this year. The first shipments are expected to start in September. EMB's sales backlog now stands at just over 300 units, and is rapidly climbing. Capacity is limited in 1998 to about 2,000 units.

In late September EMB will sponsor the first annual electric motorcycle gymkhana. This will be co-sponsored by Calstart, and will be held in Alameda, CA. Other events in which EMB is active can be found on EMB's website:

The EMB web site is being updated on a regular basis. Interested persons may also get on EMB's mailing list by emailing the company at

Scott Cronk
EMB Incorporated
Tel: (707) 823-2453
Fax: (707) 823-2972

Steve's Moped & Bicycle World

Dear moped customer:

Thank you for your inquiry about Steve's Moped & Bicycle World Inc.

Store Hours are Mon.-Fri. 10:30am to 7pm
Tues. and Thurs. Till 8pm
Saturday 9:30 to 5pm

We will mail you free of charge a business card, magnetic business card and decal for you moped so you always have our number. Please put the sticker on your moped so any one that has the moped can always get parts. We ship anywhere fast. You can get orders by COD or credit card. COD shippment are $5.00 more than credit card orders.

Please contact us for any technical information on any aspects of mopeds and bicycles and we will respond with the best tech. shop answers in the world. You have found the most knowledgeable people and the best source of mopeds, moped parts and Hi-performance parts in the World. (Parts for Puch, Peugeot, Derbi, Motobecane, Pacer, Solex, Motomarina, Sachs, Tomos, General, Pacer, Kinetic).

I will beat any legimitate price.

Steve Hassa
40 Park Avenue Dumont
New Jersey 07628
Phone: (201)384-7777
Fax: (201)384-7831
or (201)599-3072

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