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Sunday 11 Dec 2011

Added Moped Tweets to the main page.

Sunday 4 Dec 2011

Updated Moped Laws pages for these states: Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto-Rico, Vermont.

Wednesday 30 Nov 2011

Fixed Dealer Search page.

Tuesday 29 Nov 2011

Fixed ad posting in "Moped for sale - place ad" page.

Wednesday 23 Nov 2011

Migrated all forums to - this resolves performance issues and adds new features (including chat room).

Tuesday 19 Jan 2010

Performed massive site-wide spam post cleanup and added Captcha forms to discourage further spamming.

Sunday 17 Jan 2009

From Spain to Norway on a moped, summer 2009

Tuesday 8 Jul 2008

Review of Giant Twist Freedom DX Electric Bike posted.

Thursday 12 Jun 2008

Moped news ticker added to the top of most pages.

Wednesday 21 May 2008

Added moped laws for Mississippi
Fixed Moped Auctions page.

Wednesday 21 Mar 2007

Added Comments link to the header - now you can leave comments for most pages of this site.

Monday 2 Oct 2006

Updated Moped Law pages for Oregon, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, South Dakota

Sunday 17 Sep 2006

Updated Moped Law pages for Kansas, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan.

Tuesday 23 Aug 2006

Iowa laws updated.

Tuesday 22 Aug 2006

Indiana and Colorado moped laws updated.

Monday 21 Aug 2006

Arkansas moped laws updated.

Thursday 17 Aug 2006

Added new top menu to most pages, to simplify the navigation. It includes links to the major site sections as well as the search.

Wednesday 16 Aug 2006

Rhode Island moped laws added.

Tuesday 15 Aug 2006

North Dakota moped laws added.
Virginia moped laws updated.

Sunday 13 Aug 2006

Some bad boys have cracked the Site News page, so I will be posting updates here again.
Moped Classified now includes actions listings for most of major moped brands.

Monday 3 Oct 2005

Moped Insurance page added.

Sunday 2 Oct 2005

California, Hawaii, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina, Utah, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin Moped Laws added.

At this point I got all the states, except for Mississippi, North Dakota and Rhode Island - anybody got info on those? If so, email me!

Moped Auctions and Moped Army News added.

Wednesday 22 Oct 2003

Starting 22 Oct 2003, the latest Site News can be found here:
News items posted before that date will still remain here.

Thursday 17 Jul 2003

Moped Gallery is now really fixed. Last time I though I got it working, but only tested in Opera web browser - turned out it didn't show right in IE.

Monday 30 Jun 2003

Go-pedŽ and mini-scooter forum is now fixed. It was initially set to display all messages on the same page, but grew too big and began generating error. It's now set to group posts by month, so the problem is gone.

Wednesday 22 Nov 2000

Interactivity added to Mopeds for Sale section - you can now post and read comments for every ad. For example, whether you think the price is reasonable, what do you think about this brand, questions about shipping, etc.

Few other changes made since last entry:

Friday 30 Jun 2000

Added Table of Contents to the bottom of each page.

Friday 21 Apr 2000

Thorughout the site, auction searches are now done via AuctioWatch, which is light years ahead of previously used AuctionRover.

Saturday 15 Apr 2000

New addition to Moped Discussions - Zippy's Moped Garage.

Monday 10 Apr 2000

Moped for Sale section now allows you to search by state.
Also, I added auction search (ebay, yahoo and amazon auctions) to Moped Classified.

Wednesday 5 Apr 2000

Newsflash! The Mopeds Wanted, Moped Parts Wanted and Moped Parts For Sale sections are now all database driven - the ads go online instantly!

Monday 3 Apr 2000

Fixed broken linsk in New Mopeds abd Moped Links.
Added previous/next buttons to individual posts in Moped Messages, so you don't need to return to index all the time.

Sunday 2 Apr 2000

Moped Owners and Moped Reviews pages are now database driven, so when you submit an entry, it will show up immediately!

Sunday 19 Mar 2000

Fixed problem in Mopeds for Sale, where it would truncate descriptions over 255 characters long.

Thursday 9 Mar 2000

Fixed Moped Backgrounds link.
Moped Messages section has new look.

Tuesday 22 Feb 2000

Mostly recovered from Moped Classified wipeout that occured yesterday.

Also deleted tons of duplicate ads. As I said before - when you submit, give the ad few days to go online!
When I see a diplicate, I not only delete all your ads, but may also blacklist your email address.
This doesn't apply to 'for sale' ads posted betwen 14 Feb and 21 Feb - those got lost (my fault), so you may want to resubmit...

Monday 21 Feb 2000

Moped Links section is fixed.

Tuesday 1 Feb 2000

Added Indian to Moped Gallery

Wednesday 26 Jan 2000

Added to Her Chee Moto to the list of manufacturers - their scooters look great!

Thursday 20 Jan 2000

Fixed broken thumbnails in Moped Gallery

Friday 01/14/00

More info on Indiana moped laws added.

Wednesday 01/05/00

Reorganized Moped Dealers page.
Added new images in Sachs moped gallery - thanks to Thomas Schickan!

Wednesday 01/05/00

More Arizona info added to Moped Laws.

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