I saw your page and as an adult moped owner I thought you might like to know
the rules about mopeds in Norway.

The standard European 50/50 rule applies, under 50 cc and under 50 km/h (ca.
30 mph).
Pedals - no
Helmet - yes
Road tax - no
Insurance - yes
Number plate - yes
Lisence - not necessary if rider is over 20 years old.  If 16 - 19 a simple
driving test must be taken for which a moped license is issued.
Passengers - no (unless under 12 years and seated correctly)

If the owner tunes the moped so it can run faster than 50 km/h, and is
caught by the police, or department of motor vehicles the moped is
compulsorily re-registered as a light motorcycle.

Andrew Walls 
Near the arctic circle

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