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Whizzer (moped) - by walter
have a 1949 Whizzer tandem for sale , full restorated, for best offer ,

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Motorbikewhizzer (moped) - by Milard
For more power....take out restricter in intake manifold...drop carb. needle circleclip one notch....adv. camshaft one tooth...drill a 1/4 hole in end of exhaust pipe insert.....now you can go almost 40 m.p.h. and have a cooler running engine. I use mobile 1 synthetic oil, why? because it takes high heat better than conventional oil and is slicker. Have fun!!

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WHIZZER (moped) - by Robert M. Blechman
I had two Whizzer Motorbikes after WWII. Recently I purchased a new Whizzer NE5 motorbike. He is a really neat looking bike but I need more speed and power. Does anyone know what has to be done to increase the power? It has a 148 cc engine but has restrictors to limit the power. Where might the restrictors be located? Thanks for your anticipated assistance. Sincerely, Robert M. Blechman,
Honey Brook, PA 19344 USA.

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