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Name Speed (mph) Miles per charge/tank Price Availability Info
Manco Phoenix Scooter
Manco Phoenix Scooter
35   $1099 From the seller:
Fuel Efficient 4-stroke engine is air cooled. 49cc with automatic transmission. Approximate top speed is 35 MPH. Push-button electric start with theft alarm and kickstart backup. Hydraulic disc front and mechanical drum rear brakes for reduced stopping distance. DOT certified. Check state and local laws. Not intended for highway use.
Tecnet Elextric Scooter     $3.800 Tecnet USA  

ZAP Electricycle
25 20 $2200   Review
(originally from - site is now defunct)
Panda 50 30 70 $1,186.00 Red Star Motors
(502) 495-0893
More info
Kinetic     $1599 Can carry 2 persons.
Razz 50cc
Jog 50cc
Zuma 50cc
Riva 125cc
This is Yamaha lineup in the U.S.A. Of these bikes, Razz is the one fitting "moped" legal category, and Riva is more or less capable of highway speed.

Yamaha scooter reviews

Elite 50S
Elite 50SR
Elite 80

Helix 225cc
And these are the Honda scooters that you can currently get in the States. Elite 80 isn't much faster than 50cc scoots, but it looks great, has good acceleration and can carry a passenger. You have to get used to the way Helix looks, but aside from that, it's a totally highway capable bike.

"Elite 50s going off a ramp and flipping" (animation by

Honda scooter reviews

Yung Shin folding motorbikes     $590/$650 Can order by fax, shipping to US costs approximately $320.
Sun Cat II 30 25 ~$2000   Electric
Kasea 30 70 $799 Moped World
(305) 687-0001
Kasea now qualifies as a moped in New Jersey
See review
One more review
One more Kasea dealer
Kasea in Michigan

Di Blasi folding motorbike (mokick) 30 100 $1475 (800) 342-2214 Pictures
Di Blasi in UK
Some more DiBlasi

Street legal, automatic transmission, weighs 68lbs, 2-cycle engine, folds in 3 seconds
Cruisers XJ7 folding motorcycle 30   MSRP $1995 (360) 426-4602 70lb, 8 secs to fold, can carry 300 lb, 118 mpg.

Zip & Zip Bimodal by Piaggio 16 18.6 Picture
Combination 2-stroke/electric scooter

Velocifero Scooter     $2899 1-888-ITALJET Looks like Vespa