in 2003 - still riding!

Sunday 13 Jul 2003

Still Riding

I've been riding my trusty Tomos moped till 2002. My work was really close to home and arriving there on a moped was wonderful. I had a big smile on my face, greeted people in the corridors and didn't mind the upcoming work tedium at all.

Then, I was moved to a different office location. It was 20 miles from home, so Tomos was no longer a viable commute option.

I began looking at scooters as an alternative. Vespa ET4 caught my attention and soon I was a proud Vespa owner. 8 months of riding flew by like a beautiful dream, until the sad day in December 2002, when an oblivious car driver made a turn in front of me and I crashed into it.

My Vespa was totalled and I suffered a fractured knee cap. For a while, I couldn't think of two-wheelers - even driving a car did not feel safe anymore. However, this could not last long and in spring April 2003 I began looking at scooters again. I test drove Piaggio, MZ, and eventually set my sights in Aprilia Scarabeo 150.

Aprilia is my current scoot and I love everything about it. The only problem is, I am still afraid of riding when there are many cars around. My friend says that it took him a year to get over his phobia after he had a moped accident. I hope that some day soon, I will feel confident and happy on the road again.
In the meantime, there are always subdivisions.
The Ride contunues!

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