Storing Your Moped For Winter

Storing Your Moped For Winter
By Ben Hunter

First you need to wash the bike down. Take time to clean around the motor. You should also put a coat of wax on it.

Then you need to add some fuel stabilizer to the tank and fill it up with your gas/oil mix. Start the bike and run it till the stabilized fuel has run all the way through the fuel system and all the wetness from washing it has come off.

Turn the petcock to the OFF position encase your needle valve fails over the winter.

Next while the bike is hot drain the transmission fluid or oil. Refill it with a cheap brand.

Take the spark plug out and spray some fogging oil, WD40, or motor oil into the cylinder. Turn the motor about 5 times to make sure the cylinder walls get coated with oil, now turn the motor till the piston is at TDC (top dead center). That will keep moisture out. Now screw the spark plug back in.

You also might want to spray the chain down with Chain Lube.

Let some air out of the tires so that there is only about 15-20 P.S.I. this should keep them from getting a flat spot. Put it on the center stand and cover it with something soft.

Also I like to stick a Balloon over the intake and the end of the exhaust pipe. Just to keep moisture out.

If you have to store it outside make sure you put it on asphalt, cement or at-least a piece of plywood.

Say good bye to your bike.

Winter might be a good time to do some yearly maintenance like adjusting the cables.

When it gets worm again all you will need to do is change the oil (because the oil you stored it with might have moisture or gunk in it after sitting all winter). This would also be a good time for a new spark plug. Pump the tires up, turn the Petcock to ON and start it up!

Have fun and be safe!

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