Friday, 2000-11-10 03:31 UTC

Two Virginia House Bills affecting "Mopeds" for the 2001 Session which convenes
January 10, 2001 HB 557 Mopeds in Town of Front Royal.
Patron - Allen L. Louderback (all patrons)

Summary as introduced:
Mopeds. Provides that, for all purposes of Title 46.2 (Motor Vehicles),
mopeds will be treated as motorcycles in Front
Royal. HB 1562 Mopeds; safety requirements for operators.
Patron - Harry J. Parrish (all patrons)

Summary as introduced:
Mopeds. Replaces authority of localities by ordinance to require wearing
of helmets, etc., by moped operators and
passengers with a statute, effective state-wide, to
that effect. Violations are not to constitute negligence, be considered
in mitigation of damages of whatever nature, be
admissible in evidence or be the subject of
comment by counsel in any action for the recovery of damages arising out
of the operation, ownership, or maintenance of a
moped or motor vehicle. The provisions
of this bill are not to be construed to change any existing law, rule, or
procedure pertaining to any such civil action.
Violations are traffic infractions punishable by fines
of not more than $50.

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