Greetings to all of you from Utah . . .
This is Tommie writing.  I want to share a neat letter that arrived yesterday from Sam Dobrotka, a dealer from Wisconsin, who recently returned from a visit in Hungary. 
Thanks to Sam for sharing this with us.  I hope you all will enjoy his views and will feel the enthusiam that he has.  The timing is perfect right now to ride and sell these fascinating bikes. 
Our business has never been better.  In fact, we are presently out of stock -- and have 2 shipments being flown in.  One shipment will arrive in 2 days, and the other will arrive in about 8 days.  (Even though our shipping cost per bike is $100 more because of air cargo, we are only adding a $25 sur-charge per bike on these 2 shipments.)  We will drop the surcharge when a big shipment arrives (by sea) the latter part of July.  I hope you understand.
Also, check out our new website, although it is not finished.  You might enjoy the spare-parts file, the sound and video file, etc.  We are constantly trying to update and upgrade it.  We especially appreciate the effort of Jeff M., Chris M., Attila N., and Matt W.  We welcome your comments.
It will be good to hear back from you.  Each one of you is very special to us here at VeloCruz.
Kind regards,
Tommie G. Matthews
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