I belong to a friends' club of the autocycle of 50 cc. VESPINO-Piaggio, made in Spain (1968-2000). We have a very interesting web page www.mivespino.com and realize a lot of activities, even trips of many kilometers.

By chance we have found this site and it has seemed to us very interesting. We wanted to contact with you and with clubs of MOPED of Europe for exchange of experiences and information. We have plans for the summer 2009 (June) a trip of 14.000 km. in 30 days with a VESPINO of 1975. The start will be from the south of Spain (Tarifa-Granada) and it will come up to the north of Norway (Nord Kapp).

We would like to get his news and information of other clubs of Moped of countries those that we are going to spend in our trip.

Respectfully -- Valentn Salvador (Valencia-Spain) my web www.mivespino.com and www.vespinos.net

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